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HTML5 magic made now, Barak Regev by Mind Map: HTML5 magic made now, Barak Regev
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HTML5 magic made now, Barak Regev

Royal wedding web site

biz trends




IT trends

affordable capacity

$600 can buy you the storage for all world music

on demand computing

computing as a utility

instant access

real-time access

from wide range of devices, companies have policy of, bring your own device


handle peek load


solution, GAE


CenterParcs, need predict users

solution, Prediction API, BigQuery

connect with customers in new ways

eg, BestBuy,, built a gifts registry/wishlist that you connect with your social world, runs on GAE


Google has a massive computing backend

eg, YouTube uploads 38 hours of video every minute, GMail transfers 12 billion emails a day

They're offering parts of it as an API service

GAE, now offering 99.99% SLA, for low cost

Google Cloud Storage, Speed, Reliability, 99.9% SLA, read-your-writes consistency, Scalability, Unlimited objects, Big objects size, examples, DNAnexus, dropped their data center & build on Google's cloud storage, just as DropBox & SalesForce store everything on Amazon

Google Prediction API

BigQuery service, Run a query on very big data, that runs in seconds, for analytics, trends detection, web dashboards

Google's message:

Focus on client-side

Google will provide the API & platform for back-end