COMM391 Section 201 Phase 6

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COMM391 Section 201 Phase 6 by Mind Map: COMM391 Section 201 Phase 6

1. Group 112

1.1. MoveIT

1.1.1. Yes, the technology we chose will require employees to do their work differently. First of all they will have to switch from paper base into database. By using the new system, they will have to learn how to input data and how to operate the database properly. you will be able to share information, make sure everyone is looking at the same thing you have more access points to the information, this will enable workers at all levels to be able to answer general questions asked by customers you do not have to install a system, as long as you have a browser you can access the data base you want, this avoids large investment costs that a small company like moveIT would have to make if it were to choose other options provide employees with training on how to use the software so that the company can work efficiently in terms of delivering service and communicating within the company

2. Will the technology you plan to implement in your company change the way employees do their work? How?

2.1. New node

3. Group 111

4. Group 113

4.1. Vanrealty

4.1.1. Assuming that they don't have any form of technology to begin with, then it would be very significant to the company. Mobile computing (such as the use of iPads will be very significant if we implement the use of a database as well. Realtors can check information about the house like how many people went to one house, what type of houses people looked for, etc. will be able to link more relevant buyers to what they want when new houses pop up on the market. The level of customization would be greatly increased by using this combination would be able to reach more clients while on the go in the city. There would be no need to go back to a realty office every single time you needed information on a house or a client

4.1.2. Assuming that they already have a form of technology, then it will bring an added value to the company, and will not be revolutionary. It will definitely increase productivity and efficiency.

5. Group 114

5.1. DataMed

5.1.1. Our technology: Medical Mobility Will affect the way that the receptionist works as well as the the doctor who instead of taking notes on a paper, will have a tablet like device to write down any notes or medications given which will then be stored in an internal database Pro: Will make information more readily accessible as there is less paperwork that needs to be done. Client files can be transferred more easily, and there are less mix ups with patient information. Pro: Less mix ups with Client information and files. The opportunity of mishaps will decrease. This makes our company more reliable so that people will trust us. Pro: Will reduce the amount of receptionists needed, as the database will remove the need for paperwork, etc. Therefore will reduce the cost of labour. Pro: Also the clinic will be able to book/retrieve appointments and send appointment reminders which will then reduce the amount of missed appointments so that the doctor's time can be fully utilized

6. Group 115

6.1. VanRealty

6.1.1. Cloud Computing YES it will change the way employees do their jobs HOW?

7. Group 116

7.1. DataMed

7.1.1. The most impacted people in our business will be the receptionists because they have to change the whole filing system to be digital. There may need to be quite a bit of training in the beginning which may slow things down at first but after a while it will be much faster than the non-digital system. Also, they will not have to do much updating because the doctors will put the patient information straight into the system.

7.1.2. Doctors will be impacted because now they will now be able to know more about their background and hobbies and medical history which will enable them to give a better diagnosis. Doctors will have to change the way that they prepare for the patient which will include clicking on the patient's profile(which is also linked to the calendar) in the database and they will see the information from the patient's past visits and hobbies/lifestyle which will make it easier to create personal relationships. During the consultation, the doctor will put his/her notes straight into the database via a tablet and this will be available to the receptionist straight away so that the necessary tests/follow up appointments can be arranged.

8. Group 117

8.1. City Workforce

8.1.1. Cloud Computing Will use cloud computing database to host a wikis page where employees can find out information about the company, the work cultured there, understand their client's managerial style etc. Although the technology implemented here will not revolutionize the operations of our workers, it will make their transition smoother. They will be able to understand better how to integrate themselves for their company clients. Also, having a Wiki page will allow workers to view company information on their own time and whenever is convenient for them. This way, City Workforce employees can spend less time briefing workers on their upcoming positions due to the automated process. Also with our wiki, we will track what type of criteria that companies are looking for. EG This year there is a trend for accountants that need to know Software X. By analyzing the search criteria for these companies, we can recommend workers to learn software to constantly update themselves and remain relevant to their respective job industries. This is especially helpful since our focus is on office administrative workers, as learning new / updated versions of software will be an obvious challenge

8.1.2. Matchmaking System Will help to eliminate manual screening of workers to free up our employees and help them focus on other value-adding activities Allows City Workforce employees to take on a screening and supervisory role when checking the matches made between workers and employees.

9. Group 118

9.1. MoveIT

9.1.1. GPS It might take awhile for the workers to get used to the technology, but GPS is a fairly simple tech that does not take long to understand and use The drivers will need to learn how to follow the GPS Customers will need to learn how to track their goods through the web.

9.1.2. Database system This will be a large change that will require workers to learn how to input and navigate through the database. Also, it will take time inputting all the older files into the system. However, the info will be accessible to everyone that needs it and will can be queried much faster. New node

9.1.3. Operational Management systems Similar to the database system, workers will need to learn how to use the system when querying what questions they need answered.

10. Group 119

10.1. Good Foods Canada

10.1.1. Member Cards Take cashiers longer in the beginning in order to promote the product Will take more time for employees to set up each member with cards

10.1.2. Smart Shelves POS is the same process Will require adjustment time for training and getting used to Management requires explicit training in how to operate full software Shelf stockers will need to learn to interpret information told from smart shelves Need to know how to properly place and work to support efforts of Smart Shelves Speed up time required for manual counting With new found efficiency, employment will in the long term be lost, less workers required

10.1.3. Cloud-based operations Relieves contacting duties required to contact employees Ensures stocked inventory so don't need to worry about delay time in ordering Supports the goals of having the products that customers are looking for-works against negative interactions with customers

10.1.4. Conversion Tracking-Online Helps marketing department in making decisions Gives information on search and purchase trends

11. Group 120

11.1. City Workforce

11.1.1. City Workforce ERP Everything centralized, employees need to learn the new system; require training Need to adjust to having so much information; must be trained so that they do not interfere with other departments using the same system Specific to City Workforce, efficiency would go up; communication between our own employees would decrease significantly as information regarding applicant/company (client) profiles will be readily accessible in a central database. This will eliminate much of the need for employees to communicate orally or to sort through paperwork when seeking data regarding applicant/client reviews

12. New node

13. New node

14. Good Foods: MyFoods Mobile App & Online Store & Loyalty Card Before: Employees assist & educate customers about healthy eating Now: 1) Employees need to assemble packages for online purchases (“do the shopping for them”) - This is a new task, but doesn’t change their job entirely - Won’t have much impact or resistant 2) Need some new employees (small IT department) to manage the App and Online store: instantly updating nutritional info for new products or changes in products, to keep information consistent, fix bugs and down-times - Need training to understand IT and the system we’re implementing - Should have little to no resistance from current and new employees 3) Marketing department tasks: in-store and online (different channels) - There’s more work to do for marketing: marketing online - Similar work, just more training for understanding the technology 4) For loyalty program: cashiers need to ask for the loyalty card in their routine - Need training so they remember to ask for the card - The card connected to app & online & in-store - Know how to let customers sign up in-store to receive their card right away - One more task in their daily routine, shouldn’t have much resistance or need of training time

15. Group 102

15.1. VanRealty

15.1.1. Online Auction Software: online auction service where real time data can be accessed by clients and employees via online connection Employees will have to be trained to learn to be more technologically inclined. The traditional relationship between clients and employees will be different because employees will not necessarily be meeting with clients face-to-face to negotiate prices. Instead, employees will have to communicate with clients who utilize the online auction service by phone or email. With that being said, traditional service provided to clients (ie. meeting/negotiating with clients face-to-face) will not be eliminated. In addition, training will need to be provided to teach employees how to provide optimal service in an online technology. As for the properties, the realtor will need to acknowledge that the buyer may not see the property physically like in the traditional way. Now the buyer is making his choice by viewing the property online, so more high quality images of the property needed, and perhaps virtual tours clip of the property.

16. Group 104

16.1. Vanalyst

16.1.1. Mobile Computing employees will be trained to focus on consumer service and update any changes in client's portfolios does not have any major changes in the way analyst and company employee's type of work but will enhance the quality and efficiency of work may need to hire experts or new employees who is familiar with this technology

17. Group 103

18. Group 101

18.1. The technology being adopted by Vanrealty is mainly for internal operations. Cloud computing will be used to ensure a more effective and efficient way of collecting, retrieving ad storing data. The means of service to clients will remain the same, with an expected increase in the quality of service being rendered.

18.2. The strategic advantage from such technology will be a more personal service to our clients as our technology is focused on intensive data collection to fully understand, meet or exceed and predict customer’s needs through proper analysis of the collected data.

19. Group 105

19.1. Good Foods Canada

19.1.1. POS System Will not change how our employees do their work b/c all grocery stores employ this technology. It's already a conventional and common way to buy items. Training should not be overly difficult.

19.1.2. Product Catalog. Employees will be able to inform customers of what we have in stock. If we don't have it, we can tell customers other Good Food Canada stores which may have what they are looking for. 4 checkpoints. The first checkpoint is when suppliers give us the products. The second is when we put it into the inventory system. The third checkpoint is when we place the items on the shelf. The final checkpoint is the POS system. Cons. Will how do we keep track of units bought. (per box? per unit i.e. per apple?) Cons: How are we going to keep track. With stickers? codes?.

19.1.3. Data Mining Loyalty Card. Doesn't change how employees work. Workers just have to make sure to ask for the loyalty card. Loyalty card is linked to the website. The website is a form of gamification. Gamification

20. Group 106 DataMed

20.1. Mobile Computing (Phone App to book appointments or reserve emergency spots beforehand)

20.1.1. Pros Less staff needed to perform mundane administrative work (ie. collecting information, book appointments, answering phonecalls) Hire less staff, lower costs Require less time to input personal information Employees could focus more of their time to satisfy and serve patients less chance for problems caused by mis-communication and the lack of communication All data are online and updated as of the second Location Awareness: When emergencies are booked, their location is automatically logged in so staff knows approximate arrival time Employees (doctors and nurses) will be more aware of upcoming demand

20.1.2. Cons Privacy Issues: a lot of data needed to be computed and organized. Have to be aware of people hacking into the site and taking patient private information in which the clinic is responsible for Require employees who are willing/able to be trained to manage this technology Reliance on technology can result in detrimental losses during power outages when the system can go down Solution: Backup plan: Real time updates on medical clinic website and alternate locations to receive care (there are wireless phones distributed in the clinic to communicate with patients) Patients may book an emergency appointment but decide to go to another hospital Solution: A fee will be administrated to no shows

20.2. YES. Will change the way employees work

21. Group 108

21.1. Good Foods Canada

21.1.1. We are planning to implement DSS and TPS (POS) technology. Our group feels that the implementation of TPS systems will not affect the way that our offline employee's work: they still have the same jobs of dealing with customers and selling products, but they must be trained to use POS systems during the checkout phase of their interaction The Implementation of DSS technology will greatly affect our managers and online employees that deal with our online store, albeit in a good way. They have to make decisions on product pricing and sales anyways, but DSS systems will allow them to have aggregated data and premade systems to make prior decisions to target each group of individuals. One major flaw of this system would be that we must train our managers and employees to use the DSS system effectively beforehand to accurately design pre-made coupons for specific customers and enter this set of qualities into the designs of the DSS system. This role is so different from the traditional role our our employees that we may have to hire an individual to take over this role.

22. Group 109

22.1. MoveIT

22.1.1. Technology: DSS & GPS At present,MoveIT operates using a paper-based filing system. Consequently, employing a DSS would mean having to compile and re-input all the current paper-based information into a computerized database. Although lower level employees will continue to simply receive their instructions from their superiors, the majority of the employees in charge of aspects such as management and operations (scheduling, route planning, etc.) would have to be trained to use the database, to interpret the information given be the decision support system, and to report the information as needed. Those in charge of customer relations and information would have to be trained in updating customer profiles. Truck drivers and those in charge of route planning would also have to be trained in using the GPS. Therefore, implementing this technology WILL undoubtedly change the way employees do their work.

23. Group 110

23.1. The technology we are implementing in our company will definitely change the way employees work. Many of our drivers and movers have not used a mobile phone before. Having a mobile app as our DSS module will mean that the movers/drivers will need to be trained in the proper use of the device. Also our vans have a GPS unit installed, this will track the van’s movements. Drivers may not be comfortable with this system and may not want the company to now their whereabouts at every moment of the day. Move It will have to convince the drivers that the GPS system is a safety aid when they have a roadside emergency and is a compliance with the BC Law which applies to businesses whose employees work alone: (

23.2. Thus training on new systems will be required for employees some of whom may not be familiar with operating a computer or mobile devices. Another aspect of change would be that employees would now be able to place their days off requests in an organized and systematic manner in the online system and which will be processed on a first come first served basis. This will be a more fair system and hopefully employees will be pleased about this. Where previously they had simply written their requests in a log now, it can be processed efficiently.

24. Group 107

24.1. City Workforce

24.1.1. The way that the new technology implemented will change the way that our employees work is: 1) An employee will be required to be trained in data entry efficiency or a an IT efficient person will have to be hired to help have efficient records. 2) The employees will be required to be trained to use the MIS data base systems so that they can fulfill the value proposition of a 90% match rate to prove the system’s efficiency 3) There will have to be three departments: one that deals with the way employees respond and the recording of their information, one that deals with the companies, the formation of the simulation, results that the companies respond with and the needs of companies and third department would be the one that matches the two efficiently through the information provided by the other two departments.This will increase the individual responsibilities to departmental responsibilities and may require major changes in the amount of human resources available as well the communication and team functions of employees. This also makes the employee more involved in his/her work because she needs to constantly update her performance and input data so that employers can track their record and give them more employment opportunities.