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Hour 2 Gastropod by Mind Map: Hour 2 Gastropod

1. Circulation

1.1. Nudibranch- open system, lacks two blood vessels,and a 2 chambered heart

2. Respiration

2.1. Pond snails- If they have gills they will live at the bottom of the pond. If they don't have gills they will come up from the surface of the water to breath.

2.2. Conch- respiration occurs when water passes over the gill surfaces within the mantle cavity of the conch

3. Reproduction

3.1. Sexual

3.2. Female releases eggs into water in gelatin sac

3.3. One teste or one ovary,never 2

3.4. Internal Fertilization

3.5. Females lay about 3 to 4 million eggs per season

4. Anatomy

4.1. have a shell

4.2. External- foot, head, shell, eyes, repiraory pore, mouth, tentacles.

4.3. Internal- They have a mantle, heart, nervous system, lung, kidney, liver, digestive organs (crop, stomach, intestine, anus) and reproductive organs (genital pore, vas defererns, oviduct, male and female parts (hermaphroditic)

5. Sense/Response

5.1. sight, touch, smell, no hearing

5.2. eye stalks / see light and dark

5.3. sense chemicals

5.4. cephalization

6. Feeding/Digestion/Excretion

6.1. Herbivores that eat algae and small marine plants

6.2. have delicate radular teeth so they can get algae off of surfaces

6.3. prouce cellulas and amylase, an enzyme for digestion

6.4. Have a radula, which is like a rough tongue, to grind up food

6.5. Has a crop to store food and has a stomach

6.6. Waste products may be ammonia or uric acid amd goes out the anus

6.7. Some eat sponges, hydroids, bryozoans, sea slugs, and eggs

7. Movement

7.1. Conchs-use a claw like structure and dig into the sand and push themselves forward.

7.2. Nudibranch-They use a flat muscle on their underside, called a sticky foot. The foot ripples from back to front, slowly pulling the slug forward. True to its name, the foot leaves behind a trail of sticky slime.