functions of a crane

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functions of a crane by Mind Map: functions of a crane

1. forces

1.1. internal forces

1.1.1. does it resist compression?

1.1.2. does it resist tension?

1.1.3. does it resist torsion?

1.1.4. does it resist shear?

1.2. external forces

1.2.1. dead load

1.2.2. live load

1.2.3. dynamic load

1.3. how does it resist heavy magnitude?

2. stability

2.1. where is the centre of gravity on the crane?

2.1.1. will the centre of gravity be low enough?

2.2. what kind of structure is going to be built?

2.2.1. frame

2.2.2. solid

2.2.3. shell

2.2.4. combined

2.3. how can it prevent structural failure?

2.3.1. does it have bad design?

2.3.2. does it have faulty construction?

2.3.3. will it resist unplanned weights?

2.3.4. does it have foundation failure?

2.4. what strengthens the structure?

2.4.1. are struts going to be used?

2.4.2. are ties going to be used?

2.4.3. are there going to be curves?

2.4.4. are there going to be triangles?

2.5. are all the structural components used?

2.5.1. ibeam

2.5.2. trusses

2.5.3. arcs

2.5.4. girders

2.5.5. beams

2.6. will it be able to carry weight without tilting /falling?

2.7. how big does the base have to be for it to be able to carry a certain amount of weight?