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Teenage Prostitution by Mind Map: Teenage Prostitution
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Teenage Prostitution


Dysfunctional Family

Peer pressure

History of sexual abuse

Government encouragement

Forced by child trafficking dudes

Teenage rebellion


Socio-economic problems

Affects the teenagers psychologically

Disrupts education / upbringing

Health risks

Violence inflicted on prostitutes

The Netherlands

Legal and regulated

More than 60,000 prostitutes, 25,000 working at any particular time

More than 200 child trafficking rings were captured

De Wallen, site for international sex tourism

575 teenage prostitutes were found in De Wallen in 2008 alone

Around 30% of them are from dysfunctional families, as surveyed by the Dutch government

13.5% of men reported having paid for sex at least once in their life

2.6% had done so during the past year


Between 1967 and 1976, there was a 242% jump in female adolescent prostitution.

Of the 2 million estimated prostitutes in the United States, 600,000 are under the age of 18.

he average age for the beginning prostitution is 14, two years after she first experiences sex


The government can delegalize prostitution (i.e. prostitution and prostitution-related activites can constitute criminal offences)

Prostitution can stiill be legalized and subject to formal government regulation.

Though a law proposal has been introduced in 2009 to ban prostitution by people younger than 21, it was deferred.

Education in skills and services

Vocational training

Provides assistance to those in need with the help of NGOs

Educate and raise awareness