Presentation Part 3

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Presentation Part 3 by Mind Map: Presentation Part 3

1. Neo-Liberalism

1.1. Critical Paradigm

1.1.1. Values and Actions To challenge and irritate Gay Ecological Feminism Important to World Change

1.2. Technical Paradigm

1.2.1. Values and Actions Transmissive Education Neutral

2. Canadian Conservative Government Impact

2.1. Conservative Ideology

2.2. Driven by Fiscal Policies

2.2.1. Suppressing Universities from Social Critique

3. Engagements of New Sites of Practice

3.1. Higher Education is based on Formal Education

3.1.1. not enough of ... No relationship with community groups

3.2. Simon Fraiser University initiative

3.2.1. Community outreach to educate ... Rights Poverty Aboriginal Human

4. Canadian Association for University Continuing Education (CAUCE)

4.1. Wrong focus on technical skills

4.1.1. Results of underfunding

5. International Adult Education

5.1. Focused on Meaningful Discussions

5.2. Social Education is outside of formal settings

6. Cultivating New Intra and Extramural Alliances

6.1. Edward and Miller 2000

6.1.1. Adult Education is focused on ... Leaner Control Experience outside formal settings

6.1.2. Lifelong Learning in now a "Lifestyle" Not a search for enlightenment

6.2. Social change through outreach programs

6.2.1. Interaction with the community Political Theory Cultural Theory

6.3. Foley (2001)

6.3.1. Social Change outside a formal setting Mass Media Family Community Groups

6.3.2. Commitment to critical emancipatory teaching Changes require Flexibiliy New Roles Strategy