Gortha Lesson plan

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Gortha Lesson plan by Mind Map: Gortha Lesson plan

1. Roles

1.1. Student Groups

1.2. Educator Leader

1.3. Educator Faciliators

1.4. Technical crew

1.5. Prototype learning experience evaluator

2. Objectives

2.1. Beginner experience

2.1.1. Task: simulate basic digestion, from mouth to expulsion of waste using gortha organs AND role playing exercise. Observe a healthy gortha

2.1.2. Prerequisites: Basic understanding of food being eaten, but the explicit process is not known

2.1.3. assessment:

2.1.4. Reward: A url to a video of a small adventure of Gortha

2.2. Intermediate experience

2.2.1. Task: Timed task. Observe what organ in gortha is ill and design a remedy for this sickness

2.2.2. Prerequisites: knowledge of gorthas organs and how they are connected, and basic understanding of processes they have

2.2.3. assessment: Can the students identify what could possibly be wrong with gortha by finding the appropriate remedy for an organ. Can the students identify similar human ailments on an organ leve;

2.2.4. reward

2.3. Advanced experience

2.3.1. Task

2.3.2. Prerequisites

2.3.3. assessment

2.3.4. reward

3. General Prerequisites

3.1. understanding of multitouch technnology

3.2. knowledge of time based games

3.3. knowledge of puzzle games

3.4. computer use

4. Technology

4.1. Final plan

4.1.1. Reactable

4.1.2. kinect

4.1.3. projectors

4.1.4. laptop/computer

4.1.5. organs

4.1.6. identification system

4.1.7. database

4.1.8. animations

4.2. Prototype

4.2.1. computer for website

4.2.2. website

4.2.3. information on body parts

4.2.4. ball

4.2.5. animations