Medallion Concert

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Medallion Concert by Mind Map: Medallion Concert


1.1. Book Headlining Band

1.1.1. Duration: 5 hrs

1.1.2. Resources Needed Band approval, Band cost approval

1.1.3. Resources Provided Band and cost approval

1.1.4. Make traveling arrangements Flight Hotel

1.1.5. Set-Up Dressing Room Stage with their equipment

1.1.6. Schedule times Sound check Performance

1.2. Choose Opening Band

1.2.1. Pre-Screening required Submit Video on Website Allow "audience" to choose who will perform by whoever has the most downloads on the site. In order to vote you must "Like" the events FaceBook page

1.2.2. Duration: 2 weeks

1.2.3. Resources Needed Access to website and approval for contest

1.2.4. Resources Provided Approval for contest and approval for terms and conditions

1.2.5. Set-up Photo shoot

1.2.6. Schedule times Sound check Performance time

1.3. Hire a DJ

1.3.1. Duration: 8 hrs

1.3.2. Resources Needed Sound System, DJ approval

1.3.3. Resources Provided DJ approval

1.3.4. Schedule Times of spinning


2.1. Set-Up Ticket Purchase

2.1.1. Set-Up Online Ticket Purchasing

2.1.2. Create a Raffle for all the ticket holders 1st Place Winner will receive an autograph photo from headlining band 2nd Place will receive a free bottle of liquor Held at the beginning of the show

2.1.3. Duration: 2 hrs

2.1.4. Resources Needed Ticket Price

2.1.5. Resources Provided Approval for Ticket Price

2.2. Send out VIP Invitations via email

2.2.1. Duration: 3 hrs

2.2.2. Resources Needed Invitation Approval, Preferred Guest List

2.2.3. Resources Provided Approval and final decision on Invitations and guest list


3.1. Medallion Nightclub

3.1.1. Duration: 9 hrs

3.1.2. Resources Needed Money

3.1.3. Resources Provided 40,000 SQ FT of Space


4.1. Decor

4.1.1. Duration: 9 hrs

4.1.2. Resources Needed Banners Balloons White/Red Set up in clusters around the club Streamers "Red Carpet" entrance Set-up at the entrance

4.1.3. Resources Provided None

4.1.4. Purchase/Rent Decorations Set-up Decorations 2 hours prior

4.2. Duration: 9 hrs

4.3. Resources Needed

4.3.1. Stage Addition for Backstage Set-up stage 2 hours prior

4.4. Resources Provided

4.4.1. Stage

4.4.2. Bar

4.4.3. Some Staff Bartenders Security

4.5. Set-Up Stage/Sound Equipment

4.5.1. 2 hours prior/immediately after


5.1. HIre Shot Girls

5.1.1. Duration: 3 hrs

5.1.2. Resources Needed T-Shirts for uniform Shot carrying trays

5.1.3. Resources Provided None

5.2. Hire Dancers

5.2.1. Duration: 3 hrs

5.2.2. Resources Needed T-Shirts for uniform

5.2.3. Resources Provided None

5.3. Hire Security

5.3.1. Duration: 8 hrs

5.3.2. Resources Needed None

5.3.3. Resources Provided None

5.4. Hire Volunteers

5.4.1. Door Person Duration: 8 hrs Resources Needed T-Shirts for uniform Resources Provided None

5.4.2. Stage Set-Up/Clean-Up Crew Duration: 11 hrs Resources Needed T-Shirts for uniform Resources Provided None

5.5. Hire Event Crew

5.5.1. Audio/Sound Person Duration: 11 hrs Resources Needed Sound Equipment Resources Provided Sound Equipment

5.5.2. Event Coordinator Duration: 8 hrs Resources Needed T-Shirts for uniform Walkie Talkies for Communication Resources Provided None

5.6. Hire Photographers

5.6.1. One stationary Set-Up to take pictures in front of a backdrop Duration: 3 hrs Resources Needed None Resources Provided None

5.6.2. One mobile getting shots of the event Duration: 7 hrs Resources Needed Shot carrying trays Resources Provided None

5.7. Hire Videographer

5.7.1. Duration: 7 hrs

5.7.2. Resources Needed None

5.7.3. Resources Provided None


6.1. Internet Marketing

6.1.1. Create Events Page on Medallion's Website Include Date, Ticket Purchasing, Promo Photos and VIP RSVP Duration: 5 hrs Resources Needed Approval for content on events page, RSVP and VIP Pricing Resources Provided RSVP and VIP Pricing approval, Approval for content on events page

6.1.2. Create a FaceBook Events Page Duration: 2 hrs Resources Needed Nightclub Logo, Approval of Content Resources Provided Final Approval of FaceBook Events Page

6.1.3. Create a commercial for YouTube Duration: 4 hrs Resources Needed Approval to get footage of the Club, Approval of Final Content Resources Provided Approval for footage and final commercial

6.2. Advertisments

6.2.1. Create Flyers Duration: 3 hrs Resources Needed Graphic Designer, Logo, Approval for final Design Resources Provided Logo and approval for final design Street Team Hand out flyers in different locations/ places Consists of volunteers

6.2.2. Create a Radio Commercial Duration: 3 hrs Resources Needed Script Approval for commercial Resources Provided Script approval

6.3. Promo Pictures

6.3.1. Set-Up Photoshoot Winning Opening Band Photoshoot for Headlining Band Duration: 4 hrs each Resources Needed Location, approval of location, photographer, hair/make-up artist Resources Provided Location approval

6.4. Sponsors

6.4.1. Find Liquor Sponsor Donate banners and free bottles of liquor for promotional purposes

6.4.2. Find Sponsor to donate T-shirts or "Freebies" for giveaways Free T-shirts to giveaway at event for promotional purposes for the participating company

6.5. Promo T-shirts

6.5.1. Duration: 3 days

6.5.2. Resources Needed Designer, Printing Company

6.5.3. Resources Provided Approval for design

6.5.4. Make T-shirts for staff Dancers, shot gigs, street team and volunteers