Affects of Internet on Youth of United States

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Affects of Internet on Youth of United States by Mind Map: Affects of Internet on Youth of United States

1. Social networking sites have become very popular

1.1. People put very personal information on them

1.1.1. i.e. alcohol use, drug abuse, naked pictures etc

1.1.2. people who have "low emotional stability" do not monitor what they put on facebook to gain public approval

1.2. potential employers have begun looking at profiles and google searches before employing people

1.2.1. 2006 ExecuNet survey of 100 executive recruiters found that 77% use search engines as part of their recruitment process and that 35% have eliminated job candidates based on information they have found on the Internet, up from a reported 26% in 2005

2. "Sexting" Craze in Teens

2.1. Child Pornography

2.2. "Sexting" is when a person takes a naked or half naked picture of themselves and posts it on the internet or sends it via text message

2.3. Pictures can be passed around school

2.3.1. creates embarrassment in student, not wanting to attend school, interact with friends, or do well in class

2.3.2. "“Thirty-eight percent of teen girls and thirty-nine percent of teen boys say that they have had sexually suggestive text messages or emails, originally meant for someone else, shared with them.”"

2.3.3. "Among sexting recipients, “twenty percent say they have shared such a message with someone other than the person for whom it was originally meant.”"

2.4. teenagers who send these pictures are considered sex offenders, creating child pornography

2.4.1. laws do not state how old the person creating pornography has to be, just how old the subject of the picture is "The victim, the receiver, the forwarder, and the saver can all be prosecuted equally under state or federal child pornography laws" Cases prosecuted in PA, CT, ND, OH, UT, VA, VT, FL, AL, NY, NJ, TX

2.4.2. Teens, if found guilty, would be required to register as a sex offender

2.4.3. Students are not receiving severe punishments