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Edocs online course by Mind Map: Edocs online course

1. Service documentation to make you think Written in Japan IBG - Sent to Singapore for translation - issue is often in jinglish Sent to Xerox corp Assumes technical knowledge of english conmprehension, electrical skills etc YOU MUST READ it for comprehension Follow the RAP Most fault codes, service calls etc can be solved through this The student must know how to address a fault code and tools for sequential steps for resolution

2. Create Wayne and Rhys story for activity

3. Introduction

3.1. What is an eDoc

3.1.1. Backend is PDF based

3.2. Installation

3.2.1. What are the components ie. PWS Bus? etc

3.3. Navigation of the eDoc interface

3.3.1. Example of a typical eDoc - use the Kishu documentation i.e 10.1.1 Image block diagram

3.3.2. Login proceedure = usern name = password

3.3.3. Need to demonstrate both user interfaces - there are two of these

3.3.4. The maual is generall split up into 9 for BLACK AND WHITE and 10 for Colour Go through the main sections from 1 - 10 of each topic area i.e = Introduction, Section 1 = Service Call Proceedures & 10 = System Overview

3.3.5. New Node

3.3.6. Example of Introduction section - Chapter 1 = getting to know the system Chapter 2 = a secton on how to use the manual - we need to expand on this - for the elearning course Chapter 3. Terminology and discrptions - this section is important for OH&S - graded as Danger, Warning and Caution.

3.3.7. New Node

3.3.8. New Node

3.3.9. Example of Section 1 = Service Call Procedures Go over Main service call proceedures steps May require a Service call proceedure - Call Flow Sequence diagram UParts are parts that the edocs refer to that are to be sent back to Xerox for repair or reman at Rose Hill, R is a resycled or remanufactured HFSI - explain through a service call senario Demonstrate the use of the Black and White and colour Test Chart - reference Engineering Colour Presentation on how to use this

3.4. OH&S warnings and considerations May need to include Safe Handling techniques and warnings

3.4.1. Tools are specificly outlined for each product - there is a section n the edocs - TODO create a list of part numbers and a standard toolkit diagram

3.4.2. MSDS RML

4. General Glossary of edoc / service terms i.e HFSI