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crowd by Mind Map: crowd
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Proffessor in Haifa University


flock, crowd, band, swarm, ...

who's wize & whose the baloon



sum bigger than the individuals

Starts to be interesting since the literacy rate risen

Leads to Cognitive surplus?

Clay Shirky's book

See his TED talk on this

The Wisdom of Crowds

RUN & read the founding book by Surowiecky

Many criticism

Team building game - Helium stick


Warmup exercise

how old is the speaker

average of all guesses will be the most accurate

Wisdom of the Crowds or Stupidity of the Crowds?

Surowiecky: no one is wiser than everyone


Market? Invisible hand

Wikipedia vs. Britannica

Where's the distinction?

between, decisions for experts, eg, physicians, decisions for crowds, eg, go to war

Examples of the power of Wisdom of crowds

Linux vs. Windows

Other examples: popular (populist) reality shows

GroupThink symptoms

Research shown for many years that

Aggregated crowds is inefficient

Many illusions such as


Collective rationalization

Belief in inherent morality

& many more

Read the book by


Other say there's danger in wisom of crowds

Jaron Lanier, Digital Maoism

Go & read the answers to Lanier in the Edge, The Reality Club, Many answers by all WotC proponents, "Digital Barbarism" book

Surowiecky's examples




Oax experiment, Tries to show how ignorant is the crowd, Observed the opposite, 787 guesses, Average: 1197lbs, Real weight: 1198lbs

Who wants to be Millionaire

Phone friend help (wisest man you could recruite), 65% accuracy

Audience help, 91% accuracy

Challenger explosion

Market exchange predicted who was to blame, from 4 suspect companies, in 30sec the stocks of the real culprit company fell

Should we give the crowds to decide?


4 conditions, Diversity, Indepeendence, Distribution, Smart aggregation

Wisdom of search examples

Web search

Discovery & rating of news

Started in Google News

Now in all newspapers, Outbrain, Flipboard

Prediction markets

use crowds to predict the future


Recommendations systems

Schools ranking


In every domain, there's a move from expert decisions to collective decisions



Even medicine

Wisdom of the Crowds in Twitter

Sentiment Analysis

proves as best & most efficient trend prediction, eg, Awards winners, Stock market

Read on this company:

BlueFin, automated mining of population attitudes & sentiments, partner of ABCnews

Crowd Sourcing

see catalog in the site:

Crowdsourcing Landscape

Something proving itself in the industry today

& politics

Revolutions against dictatorships

Consumers protests

Direct democracy vs. Representative democracy

The dangers are anarchism

Disappearance of the control mechanisms imposed by the elites for centuries

From product to process

Clay Shirky

Recommended books:


Levit &

Here's comes everybody

Reinventing discovery

Michael Nielsen

Too big to know



We are smarter than me

The mesh



Never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups


see Ushahidi, TED talk on this

Is the crowd a Balloon?

Vox Populi - Vox Dei

Surowiecky's conditions

Malone's conditions




Rephali's conditions

Communication channels


Mediation mechanisms

The Carr & Benkler wager

Benkler's book "Wealth of Networks" says that the Wisdom of Crowds improves our world

Nicholas Carr had strong criticism, saying its a temporaty trend

Benkler suggested a bet

Benkler said that this will flourish & win

Carr said that this Benkler is still in the sixties

New node