To Do Better Work, Use Pen and Paper

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To Do Better Work, Use Pen and Paper by Mind Map: To Do Better Work, Use Pen and Paper

1. It might sound impractical

1.1. They can feel a little clunky.

1.2. There will be crossed-out words, lines, arrows, and mistakes everywhere.

1.3. Your hand might cramp up every now and then.

1.4. Writing on paper is a process of trial and error.

1.4.1. There is no chance to highlight and delete or copy and paste your work.

2. But it's better

2.1. It gives you an uncluttered way to connect with your thoughts on an emotional level.

2.2. It allows you to study your own thought process. You can see how your ideas and thoughts formed, how you got from A to B.

2.3. The scribbles, scored-out sentences, and underlined words tell their own story.

2.4. Writing by hand increases neural activity in certain sections of the brain. It helps you learn

2.5. When it comes to productivity, writing on paper cuts out all the noise.

2.5.1. There are no notifications blinking on a screen, no 67 other tabs fighting for your attention.

2.6. Longhand allows for spontaneous expression.

3. It’s full flow in free flow.

3.1. Ideas form in real time and things take unexpected directions. There are no restrictions on how you follow these tangents.

3.2. You can write, sketch, and diagram in any way, shape, or form, with no boundaries aside from staying on the page.