COMM391 Section 201 Phase 7

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COMM391 Section 201 Phase 7 by Mind Map: COMM391 Section 201 Phase 7

1. Group 111 (Cloud Computing)

1.1. City Workforce - Collecting and storing data about clients and the employees we provide them to ensure superior/more efficient matching of employees in the future.

1.1.1. Functional Requirements Process Oriented: System must be accessible by employees through our computers, and must be accessible to our clients and the employees we provide them using our clients systems. Information Oriented: Must be a search function that can be accessed by our employees that allows them to search our labour supply database based on employee skills, characteristics and experience. Process/Information Oriented: Must allow our clients to submit evaluations about the employees we provide them with, and must then store that information for later use by our employees.

1.1.2. Non Functional Requirements Security: The system should only be accessible to our employees, our clients, and the employees we provide. Performance: The database should be able to open an individual page in under 4 seconds with up to around 100,000 people using it at once. Performance: The data we have on our labour supply should be up to date so we can always find the most suitable candidate for our clients. Operational: Visibility on smartphones would be an asset, allowing our clients to enter information/fill out satisfaction forms on the go. Security: Our clients shouldn't be able to view our data about our labour supply, nor should our labour supply be able to view the evaluations submitted by their employers.

2. What are the functional and non-functional requirements of the information system you want to implement in the organization?

3. Group 113

3.1. VanRealty- connecting previously interested individuals to new listings

3.1.1. Functional The system needs to link email addresses to newly posted listings based on territorial interest Needs to have central database that holds the names of all past open house visitors to keep track of all the houses individual people are looking at and showing interest in. This information needs to be viewable to all agents in VanRealty Develop statistics regarding open house viewing attendance and interest, from an individual open house, to an area, to a period of time.

3.1.2. Non-functional Data needs to be input through a tablet, and viewable through a tablet. Needs to link new listing with interested buyers email addresses within minutes of the new listing being posted on the MLS system Track individuals offers on houses Information needs to be viewable only to VanRealty agents For security,the system should be able to operate without being compromised by hackers/rivals easily, and the method of implementation should not be easy to copy as the system emphasizes mobile use, which includes the ability to remotely wipe the device if lost while during frequent travels around the city Ability to show portions of data from the system to clients. Agents should be able to show sellers rosters of interested buyers and certain opinions (if they believe the house is overpriced) Need to include a information release agreement for people to sign off on including their information in the database

4. Group 112

4.1. MoveIT

4.1.1. Functional Process and Information Oriented: Process includes searching the information needed by employees. Employees should be able to access all previous and current customer data, they should be able to go through sales history and current sales orders. Attached to each sales order should include sales, revenue, cost, this information can be used as the basis of our analysis and also can be used to predict future trends. On the other hand, information oriented is the data itself, you should have complete and accurate information on suppliers, customers, services performed, etc.

4.1.2. Non-functional Example, if we do cloud computing, this system should be viewable in all the browsers and devices that are used by the company (such as smart phones and tablets). Performance: Have queries done within 2 seconds, employees should be able to look up data within a couple of seconds. (especially because the company is small, it should not take a long time to search this information) Security: Administrative employees, this includes everyone working in the head office, should have a unique user ID and password. Each division is able to view the company data, however they are restricted to only being able to input information regarding their roles and divisions. (example: accounting division is only able to put in information regarding accounting but they are able to view information that the finance division puts in, but they cannot edit or make changes) Legal: Since we are located in BC, we should follow the BC Privacy Act/ Law. We should keep customer information secure (where they live, phone number, etc). This should not be released to a third party or exposed as public information.

5. Group 114

5.1. DATAMED- medical mobility

5.1.1. Functional: Letting administration, doctors and patients access information about clients at all times. Non-functional: Should be able to function fast, with a maximum of 4 seconds to load clients medical page, and have security with information. Operational --> operate using the IPad, SMS, Cellphone, or laptop Performance --> Have extensive back-up to information; also have a large capacity to allow a large number of clients (a total of 500 clients under DataMed) to access their inforrmation at the same time. Security (cultural/political) --> private and confidential client medical history Have a database that is situated in Canada to follow local laws and protect the private information about clients

5.1.2. Functional: System must have information, like patient heart rate, upcoming check up dates and drugs prescribed, on hand about patients at all times with easy access.

6. Group 115 - VanRealty (Cloud Computing)

6.1. Functional requirements

6.1.1. process oriented need to be able to retrieve requests to the system (request to view listings and recommendations and link them with the system sending recommendations and listings) needs to be able to collect and create a browser profile for clients on the cloud, in order to create a relevant browser profile in order to provide appropriate recommendations of listings System must be able to record browsing/edit history of users from mobile phones and computers (know who's editing what and when for accountability purposes) System has to be able to automatically back itself up and recover these backups (though this will probably be provided by the company providing the cloud computing services)

6.1.2. Information oriented: The system has to be able to take the information from the listings database and gather information about recommendations to clients

6.2. Non-functional requirements

6.2.1. Security: only realtors should be able to access personal, preference (does the client prefer 1-bedroom houses, etc.) and payment information Have different security levels to maintain privacy of data (realtors shouldn't have access to HR/contact info of other realtors but HR should have access to this info). VPN should also be password protected to ensure that only our realtors are accessing the information.

6.2.2. Performance: Recommendations (for potential properties) need to be sent in real time. Should not take more than a few seconds to load files off of cloud and should be able to process new information quickly in order to develop recommendations based on that new information

6.2.3. Operational:cloud should be viewable on smartphones (for realtors out on open houses or client offices) and desktop computers in office. Can connect office and all realtors to a VPN network that allows realtors and management to access the 'office network' from anywhere, and the cloud will be connected to this vpn network

7. Group 116

7.1. DataMed

7.1.1. Non-functional requirements High security: clients' information, including their medical background would be online, our online database needs high security to guard these information from system failure. Also, we should have different levels of security for different members of staff e.g. doctors can see medical history, nurses can schedules and limit the amount of overlap between the two, they can see each other's but not change it. Speed: the system should be fast, should not take a long time for clients to view and access the database Accessibility: We want our doctors to be able to access it wirelessly on their tablets so that they can input client information as they go through their appointments so our database needs to be compatible with this.

7.1.2. Functional Allow database participants to access the information as required. Has to contain and be able to hold variety of customer information: medical records, lifestyle, basic information such as age, gender Has to be able to maintain and organize customer preferences (ex. must be able to schedule appointment times without conflict)

8. Group 117

8.1. CityWorkforce

8.1.1. Functional Workers need to be able to search for positions Companies need to be able to post positions and their requirements System needs to be able to gather information on the various worker's skills and experience System needs to be able to match workers with available positions

8.1.2. Non-Functional Should be able to run on mobile devices Database needs to be set up in a way that there is only one point of data entry (reduce data redundancy) Website should only be accessible by registered workers and companies The system should be available 24/7

9. Group 119

9.1. Recommedation Agents

9.1.1. Functional Info: Be able to give clear information on what actions should be taken for customers Info: Needs to obtain purchase histories/patterns, frequency in visits Info: System must provide recommendation in format to present to marketing department for micromarketing Process: Show customer I.D.'s with their search and purchase patterns

9.1.2. Non-Functional Operational: Able to send recommendations to customers through online profile and email Performance: Must be fast enough to load when new page is loaded or immediately after purchases have been made (or perhaps even before final purchase is made)--within a few seconds Gives speed enough for customers to add extra items to cart Security: Only members will have access to offers and recommendations Promotes people to join membership club Culture,Political, Legal: System must ensure personal information and trends can only be seen by the member Will protect from privacy laws as well as customers feeling comfortable giving us information

10. Group 120

10.1. City Workforce

10.1.1. ERP System Functional Requirements Process Oriented Information Oriented Non-Functional Requirements Operational Performance Security

11. Group 118

11.1. MoveIT

11.1.1. GPS Non-functional Operational Performance Security Legal Functional Process-oriented Info-oriented

11.1.2. Database Non-functional Operational Performance Security Legal Functional Process-oriented Info-oriented

11.1.3. DSS Functional Process oriented New node

12. New node

13. New node

14. Non-functional

14.1. real time data

15. Functional

15.1. finding random patterns or trends

16. That is the only way for patients to be able to book appointments on their phone

17. Group 101

17.1. VanRealty - Oracle

17.1.1. FUNCTIONAL Information oriented:We must have information on our customers to see their previous history regarding homes bought/sold, types of properties, preferences, income status/history, location, etc... All confidential of course. We also need to ensure that we have some form of main database that records ifnormation about all of the houses that individual clients are viewing at this time and as well as those who have expressed particular interest in these properties will be viewable to our staff base. Process Oriented: Browse/find data on property listings based on their preferences. With all of this information gained from our information-oriented and process-oriented aspects, we will be able to use this in order to develop patterns and trends (in the form of statistics) to see patters over time as well as predict future forecasts of buyrs and sellers behaviour and past decisions/interest.

17.1.2. NON-FUNCTIONAL Operational: Our website (which have the "search engine", social media, etc. should be viewable on smart phones, ipads, tablets and other forms of technological gadgets. Performance: Our page should take no more than 2-3 seconds to load and when they search for listings or opportunities on our page, it should also not take them more than 4 seconds to load. Other things that we offer on our website such as customer log-in's will be extremely efficient and functioning as fast as possible. This is also the case for when they register for an account on the website Security: Although this does place boundaries on our customer base, only our VanRealty VIP members (this is any user of our registration and login accounts in the database) will have access to our comprehensive database, our personal listings with recommendations, and other information only for VIP members on our websites Cultural, Political, Legal: Our gathering of information whether it's through the methods we use or whether customers enter their own informatino will be kept completely confidential due to privacy laws. We only gain access to their information when the customers give us consent to do so by clicking our "Terms and Agreement " Conditions dcoument and when they click "allow" on our social media, giving us permission to view certian information and take stats for our company use. Although we are granted rights to use this information as permitted by our clients, we do not have a right in any way to sell this information in any form. For all that has been mentinoed above regarding privacy laws and terms & agreement, we ensure that we communicate this to our customers/clients through one of our very disciplined privacy policy

18. Group 102

18.1. VanRealty

18.1.1. Technology: Offer Bidding Service System supported by TPS and DSS (software) that will be provided online Functional: Information Oriented (all information kept confidential, only internal use): - system must contain all property listing information - system must contain all realtor information like name, contact information, years of experience - all client information (sellers/buyers) like contact information, name, address, property feature preferences - previous historic bidding prices for each bidder Process-Oriented: - system must allow users to browse/search through property listing data - users are able to access all historic bidding prices (specific information regarding bidders will be kept confidential) - system will keep track of user "clicks" on certain property pages and record key features of property that interests user (ie. price range, property feature) in order to create user customization (ie. create customized list of properties that may be in interest to bidders) Non Functional: Security: - only realtors belonging to VanRealty's Bidding Service membership will have access to upload their listings in the website and contact bidders - only bidders that registered to bidding membership should be eligible to place bids Operation: - website app should be accessible on smart phones - filtered search engine should be available for clients to search properties Performance: - due to nature of real time bidding, speed capacity must be reduced to minimum: should not take longer than 5 sec for property listing page to refresh once a new bidding offer is placed Cultural/Political/Legal: - realtors within bidding membership will be verified to ensure they are licensed realtors - bidders prior to placing first bid should be verified for credit check (bidding offers will be pending until their credit check is verified) - the system should be offered in Chinese for our target clients to understand information provided on property listing page - privacy issue: all information gathered by the system should be kept strictly confidential, will not be sold to third parties

19. Group 103

19.1. Good Foods CANADA

19.1.1. Technology: Online Profile: Gathers customers' nutritional needs, preferences, and is conected to their loyalty card Phone App: Integrate the online profile to in-store use Item Bar-codes: Consumer can scan the bar-codes with their phones to acquire product information Functional Process oriented: -must be able to accept user inputs (allergies, vegetarian preferences, etc.) -must be able to filter and match between customer inputs and recipe database -phone app must connect between item bar-code and customer preferences Information oriented: -must have an inventory data base and where items are located in the store -must have nutritional information for all products in the store -must have access to a recipes database which matches items offer in the store Non-functional Operational: -our phone app should be able to operate with various OS (apple IOS, android, etc.) -people must be logged into their accounts while scanning products -store price tags must be big enough for bar-codes Performance: -phone app must be constantly update so that it doesn't crash -phone app must be quick when scanning bar-codes: 1-2 seconds -Wifi capacity in the store Security: -customers can't access personal information of other customers -must comply with legal requirements, such as not to sell private customer information Cultural, Political, Legal: -doesn't increase health risks (such as push customers to anorexia) -disclaimer that we are not responsible for individual health problems. -privacy laws (not provide info to third parties

20. Group 104

20.1. Vanalyst

20.1.1. Functional Process Oriented Clients can track his or her investment history through mobile application Informational Oriented market information and client portfolios are accessible for analyst at all times clients have access to their portfolios through mobile application

20.1.2. Non-Functional portfolios are updated at real-time capital market conditions Performance mobile application should load automatically once connected to the internet portfolio loaded and can be seen in less than 2 seconds Security information are kept confidential and clients can only access portfolios through authorized account

21. Group 105

21.1. Good Foods

21.1.1. Product Catalague Functional tracking goods (inventory, shelves) like what goes out and in Non- Functional be able to update in time

21.1.2. POS System Functional scan the product non-functional: be able to recognize our loyalty cards

21.1.3. Data Mining Non-functional make sure it shows all the results and does not exclude anything.

21.1.4. RFID Functional know the location of our goods

22. Group 106 - DataMed Clinic

22.1. Functional Requirements

22.1.1. Process Oriented Our Database must allow medical staff (doctors and nurses) to access our database of patient records Can be accessed through a username/password Patients would be able to access their own health history data and availability of appointment times

22.1.2. Information Oriented We must obtain all patient information (age, gender, insurance..and all other relevant data) and medical history The medical staff get a quick report of the patient's medical status before they even arrive in the hospital.

22.2. Non-functional Requirements

22.2.1. Operational Database must be accessible by all internet browsers and smartphones E.g. The website must be able to fit on a palm (handheld device) to facilitate medical staff's access to information. (ie. they don't need to go to a central computer that contains all the data)

22.2.2. Performance Speed: Internal website showing medical staff schedules should be able to load in 2 seconds Patients can be in an urgent state and require immediate medical aid Capacity: Mobile database must have a large capacity so different medical staff can have access and freely navigate the system at the same time without any problems Reliability: contains private material and relies on information to treat patients Have a set of backup data so that if the system ever fails the crucial data would not be entirely lost

22.2.3. Security Only medical staff can access the system No use for cleaning staff or irrelevant staff to access private information Should implement an anti-virus system to prevent others from hacking into the system and using patient information illegally There will be a hierarchy system where doctors can access all information and doctors in practice can access most information and nurses access limited information Can be sorted through their usernames/accounts generated

23. Group 107

23.1. Knowledge Management System

23.1.1. Functional Process oriented Our system is able to access and sort through our information regarding employers and employees. After this process, we will be able to set up our simulation followed by specific interviews and job offerings. Information oriented Our system must have information on our customers'(the companies that are hiring) requirements for the job they have an opening for.This way we can identify the qualities that best match with potential employees. In addition, the system must have all the information regarding job seekers to complete the process.

23.1.2. Non-Functional Operational Need to be fulfilled with appropriate technologies such as laptop computers or desktops Security Privacy settings of employers and employees are vital to our systems. We must ensure that their personal information is protected and only viewable by City Workforce staff. This ties in with cultural, political as well as legal factors. Performance Since employers are looking for temporary employees, they want the fastest results. Thus our system must ensure the most precise and efficient matching process possible (there should be time frames provided for employees to fill out simulation, the matching process should be instant, etc)

24. Group 108

24.1. Good Foods Canada

24.1.1. Functional (Hard) Requirements Process Oriented: Online Database must be searchable by both internal managers to view trends and external customers to view stock. DSS System must be able to agglomerate consumer data and generate coupons that target individual consumers and defined by their general consumption habits. Info-Oriented: TPS System MUST be able to track and store purchase information of customers when entered into the system. We have to be able to access our "customer databank" at any given time.

24.1.2. Non-Functional (Soft) Requirements Operational: Database must be editable/accessible via checkout registers in order for our employees to effectively make use of the system. Smart phones should easily be able to access our online store Performance: The TPS system should be fast enough to use on a daily basis: entering information must be quick and effective in order for customers not to complain about long checkout times The database should have the capacity to hold information on all of our customers The database should be reliable enough so that it doesn't crash after subsequent use. Security: Personal information must be protected from prying eyes and used only for internal use: leaks should be avoided at all costs. Should follow all legal compliances

25. Group 110

25.1. Functional Requirements

25.1.1. Process-oriented- Logging reservation information, from there this information will be used to schedule trucks, employees, and other resources. Generating search results regarding fleet location. Tracking returned inventory. Information oriented - The system will the store information on store customers profiles including payment information Customer rewards information Inventory Routes Vehicle information, maintenance

25.2. Non-Functional Requirements

25.2.1. Operations - The mobile application should be compatible with all smartphone platforms so that all users can access information Performance - The GPS system should be robust in reporting accurate locations. Security - All customers data should have restricted access in order to ensure confidentiality. Also credit card numbers should be stored as encrypted rather than in text form to secure privacy.

26. Group 109

26.1. Information- oriented - The information system Moveit uses is DSS. The system allows us to collect and analyze information on customers(such as customers names,addresses, moving routes).

26.2. Operational - For non-functional requirement, we can create an official company website and an appointment bookings app which customers can access on smart phones.

27. New node

28. New node