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COMM391 Section 201 Phase 7 by Mind Map: COMM391 Section 201 Phase 7
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COMM391 Section 201 Phase 7


real time data


finding random patterns or trends

That is the only way for patients to be able to book appointments on their phone

Group 101

Good+: Elaborate functional and non-functional requirements. You should expand a bit more on user requirements in the functional portion. For example, "users must be able to do xyz". Also, when you are gathering requirements, you do not need to explain with so much detail - a list should be sufficient.

VanRealty - Oracle

What are the functional and non-functional requirements of the information system you want to implement in the organization?

Group 105

Weak+: You may need to elaborate a bit on each requirement. For example, do you have an interface that is user-facing (means a user will be using it). If so, what kind of actions do they need to do? As well, some of your non-functional requirements are not actually non-functional. Having the data mining show all the results is not really a requirement. Technical requirements will be a good part of the final presentation, so it will be a good idea to look into it in detail.

Good Foods

Group 106 - DataMed Clinic

Good+: Elaborate functional and non-functional requirements. Good job identifying who the users are and the type of actions they need to perform. Something like the hierarchy system might be more of a functional requirement, even though it's security related.

Functional Requirements

Non-functional Requirements

Group 107

Adequate+: You have good non-functional requirements, but you may wish to add more to your functional requirements. For example, you should note some actions that the users can take ("Users must be able to input xyz data" etc.)

Knowledge Management System

Group 116

Weak+: Your functional requirements are lacking and do not adequately reflect your business proposition. You need to expand your functional requirements with specifics. Also your non functional requirements should be expanded in breadth and depth.


Group 117

Weak: You need more details and requirements for your functional part. Think about what the user must be able to do. Also your nonfunctional requirements also need more breath and depth. Think about what exactly your system needs to be


Group 118

Adequate-:  You have lots of technology that you want to implement, but I don't see much cross requirements between the 3 things. Also,  your process orientated functional requirement for the database could questionably be a nonfunctional requirement.  Also your DSS is quite limited for details.  You have lost of breadth of requirements but not much depth.


Group 119

Weak+: Needs more on the functional side, think about what the user must be able to do.  Your non-functional is better, but still lacking in breadth.  For functional requirements, think more about what does your system need to do to help your business plan

Recommedation Agents

Group 120

Weak:  Your functional requirements are very generic and vague, nothing that really directs to the ERP system.  Think about what the users would need to do on the system.  For nonfunctional requirements, you should be specific in your examples and detail what is really required.

City Workforce

Group 115 - VanRealty (Cloud Computing)

Adequate: Overall your functional and nonfunctional requirements are mostly there. I would want to see some more on the functional side though in terms of through other users such as managers as well as using the system in a more innovative way

Functional requirements

Non-functional requirements

Group 114

Weak+: You need to go much more into details of the both of the requirements. Surely there must be other functional requirements that your system can perform. Also your Non functional requirements can also be expanded on.

DATAMED- medical mobility

Group 113

Adequate-: You did a pretty good overview of what the requirements are, you need a bit more on the functional requirements. I'm sure that your employees and clients would need a lot more information to provide that service

VanRealty- connecting previously interested individuals to new listings

Group 112

Adequate: You need more functional requirements, think about your managers and be specific on what analytics you would want to use. Also if your using Cloud computing, be SPECIFIC what you want from me and what exact part of it you plan to use. Your functional requirements are very vague and generic, take some time to flush them out


Group 111 (Cloud Computing)

Adequate-: You did a pretty good overview of what the requirements are, you need a bit more on the functional requirements. Cloud is very broad term and you really need to specify the boundaries of what is required to get a full understanding on what you want.

City Workforce - Collecting and storing data about clients and the employees we provide them to ensure superior/more efficient matching of employees in the future.

Group 108

Adequate: You made some good non-functional requirements. However, for your functional requirements you might want to clarify more the user actions (for example, users must be able to do this and that etc.). Also just to note, at this point in time you should be more focused on specific technologies, and not "DSS" or "TPS" as they will not be sufficient for the final presentation. Also, the "S" in the acronyms stand for "system" (Decision Support System) so it is not a "DSS system".

Good Foods Canada

Group 109

Unacceptable: There are no functional requirements stated. As well, a company website and bookings app is not a non-functional requirement. You may wish to review some of the phase 7 notes for further information.

Information- oriented - The information system Moveit uses is DSS. The system allows us to collect and analyze information on customers(such as customers names,addresses, moving routes).

Operational - For non-functional requirement, we can create an official company website and an appointment bookings app which customers can access on smart phones.

Group 110

Adequate+: You noted good non-functional requirements, but there could be a lot more elaboration (for example, you could note how the smartphone might need to support GPS. You will need to expand the functional requirements.

Functional Requirements

Non-Functional Requirements

Group 104

Good-: Good categorization of functional and non-functional requirements. Could elaborate more on the functional requirements and be more specific. For example, what kind of actions can the clients do? What kind of information can be found?


Group 103

Good-: Good categorization of functional and non-functional requirements. Should elaborate more on functional requirements versus non-functional requirements. For example, what kind of information the application output? As well, instead of saying that the phone application should accept user inputs, you could emphasize that the requirement is for users by using the format "Users can input xyz items"

Good Foods CANADA

Group 102

Good+: Good job for noting some user requirements in your functional requirements. At this point in time you may want to focus more on more specific technology, and not use generic terms like "TPS" or "DSS".


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