Wind Power New Hopi Village

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Wind Power New Hopi Village by Mind Map: Wind Power New Hopi Village

1. Meteorology

1.1. Wind Flow Pattern

1.2. Average Wind Flow

1.2.1. Area Wind Analysis

1.3. Wind Speeds

1.3.1. Wind Collection Data Fast Slow Moderate

2. Location

2.1. Wind Collector height

2.1.1. Adjustable height for wind variation High Low

2.2. Wind Collector Placement

2.2.1. Safe Location for Wind Collectors Away From City Incorporated in City

3. Analysis and Report

3.1. Wind Measurment

3.1.1. Voltmeter

3.1.2. Beaufort Scale

4. Construction

4.1. Design Construction Materials

4.1.1. Wood Turbine Oak

4.1.2. Plastic Turbine

4.1.3. Metal Construction Steel Aluminum Titanium

5. Durability

5.1. Outdoor Protection against elements

5.1.1. Protective Coating

5.2. High performance Generators

5.2.1. Bearing for high speed and low speed performance

5.2.2. Low friction operation

6. Wind Technology

6.1. Wind Turbine

6.1.1. Fan Blade Style

6.1.2. Circular Turbine

6.2. Low Speed to high speed power generation

6.2.1. Adjustable generator for all wind conditons

6.3. Wind Acceleration Tunnel

6.4. Wind Focus to collectors