Dean Idea Map

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Dean Idea Map by Mind Map: Dean Idea Map

1. Digital portal or app with all student resources accessible for easy navigation to financial aid, grades, library resources, email.

1.1. Assigned mentor/peer that will help you navigate college journey and you can contact for guidance.

1.2. Shadowing programs for majors and minors offered, to facilitate student options and serve as a guide for career choice and placement.

1.2.1. Flexibility in changing majors and adjustment of pre-requisites with transfer credits. Hands on learning activities in the classroom with digital books and online submissions Quick response from personnel, and dean presence on campus

2. Club and event newsletter/content providing information and dates for activities taking place on campus.

2.1. Free online workshops for academic guidance including tutoring, grant and scholarship support.

2.2. Virtual options available for counselor and advisor meetings.

2.3. Free outside resources including coupons and discounts for school supplies and wellness products.

3. Clear and concise mission statement which focuses on inclusion and a student driven learning environment

3.1. Welcome session and student orientation available online and new student resources emailed for accessibility

3.2. Consistent check ins with advisor and online career path portal with mapping available

3.2.1. Text book rental and recycle available