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Human Identity by Mind Map: Human Identity

1. Ayn Rand

1.1. Literary Work: Anthem

1.2. Snapshot of Ayn Rand's life

1.3. What sparked the idea of the book Anthem

1.4. World conditions in 1938

2. Julio Noboa Polanco

2.1. Literary work: Identity

2.2. Snapshot of Polanco's life

2.3. How did he come up with the idea of Identuty

2.4. World events when Identity was written

3. Vincent van Gogh

3.1. Painting: Starry Night

3.2. Snapshot of Van Gogh's life

3.3. Background behind the idea of Starry Night

3.4. World Events when Starry Night was painted

4. Theme: Human Identity

4.1. Purpose of the human race

4.2. Individuality

4.3. Acceptance

4.4. Experiences with the struggles of human identity