Components of an ICT system

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Components of an ICT system by Mind Map: Components of an ICT system

1. Information

1.1. The results from processing data

1.2. The output from an ICT system

2. Procedures

2.1. Determine what needs to be done and when

2.2. Passing of data or information between different people

3. Data

3.1. Raw material of any ICT system

3.2. Processed by the system to provide the information which is the output provided by the system

4. People

4.1. Needed to supply the data to the ICT system

4.2. Make judgements and decisions from the output supplied from the system

5. Hardware

5.1. Physical components that make up the ICT system

5.2. Input devices

5.3. Storage

5.4. Processor

5.5. Output devices

5.6. Communication devices

6. Software

6.1. Computer programs which provide the step-by-step instructions to get the job done