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ALICE by Mind Map: ALICE

1. Alice Virtues:

1.1. Curiosity

1.2. Courage

1.3. Kindness

1.4. Intelligence

1.5. Courtesy

1.6. Humor

1.7. Dignity

1.8. Sense of Justice

1.9. Motherhood

1.10. Victorian lady

1.10.1. Capacity for rationalization

1.10.2. Passivity and repressive domestication

1.10.3. Confidence in her social position, education, and good manners

1.10.4. Strong sense of noblesse

1.11. Alice's peculiar behavior:

1.11.1. Child's insensitivity

1.11.2. Unusual composure for a child

1.11.3. Alice senses resentment and rage

2. ..

2.1. Alice→Alice Pleasance Liddell

2.2. She is seven years old.

2.3. Alice comes from a wealthy English family.

3. Alice's Sister

3.1. She is reading a book “without pictures or conversation” and makes Alice bored.

4. The tension of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

4.1. Alice's rationality vs. Wonderland's madness

4.2. Alice’s notions of urbane intelligence changes

4.3. Identity Crisis