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Brainstorming by Mind Map: Brainstorming

1. crew move about ship doing their thing and are killed if room they are in is destroyed. they have a constant effect

1.1. Example: "Engineer" - Each reactor generates one more energy per turn

2. Roaming CCG

2.1. Spaceship idea!

2.1.1. Advantages Dont have to worry about roaming, you could just have a space map with nodes and stuff Graphics would be much simpler to make than ith other games

2.1.2. This idea is basically that the cards you collect and use are rooms of a spaceship You could have different types of cards: crew, rooms, actions rooms are static, take damage and can be destroyed. some are activated and some have constant effect actions have a one-off effect and then disappear So basically you draw some cards and try to build a better spaceship out of them. Why you would be making a spaceship in the middle of the fight I have no idea :P Spaceships fight as you build them, in a turn based manner You could have reactors that give you X energy per turn, and then other cards that if you activate them, use some energy 1. sort of similar to magic

2.1.3. Space ship has overall life, rooms add life to it but when destroyed you can take down the final health maybe?

3. Cards

3.1. Action

3.1.1. New node

3.1.2. New node

3.1.3. New node

3.1.4. New node

3.1.5. New node

3.2. Ship parts (Cost resources gained by owning planets)

3.2.1. New node

3.2.2. New node

3.2.3. New node

3.2.4. New node

3.2.5. New node

3.3. Crew

3.3.1. Pilot Enables the ability to deploy ships from the hanger (ATK ?/ DEF ?)

3.3.2. Engineer Fixes rooms X per turn. Deployable once per turn and movable once per turn.

3.3.3. Commander Reduces the cost of all cards by 1 fuel

3.3.4. Captain Boosts moral of all crew and increases the ships attack by X

3.3.5. Grunts Grunts allow the use of weapons. Start off with X amount, then cards add to it.

3.3.6. Medic Heals crew who take X% of room damage

4. Twin Stick Sidescroller

4.1. Typical twin stick shooter elements...

4.1.1. Everything is always exploding!

4.1.2. Left stick to move, right stick to fire

4.2. ... Put into a sidescroller!

4.3. Controls

4.3.1. A - Jump If its a 2D sidescroller you could just have left stick jump that way you can always fire Could do, do you mean click in? or point up? point up

4.3.2. B - Interact

4.3.3. Left Stick - Walk

4.3.4. Right stick - aim

4.3.5. X - Reload

4.3.6. Y

4.3.7. Right Bumper - Scroll right through weapons (Maybe displayed at the top of the screen [ or just 3 of the weapons, so, previous, current and next] or somewhere in the HUD)

4.3.8. Left Bumper - Scroll left through weapons

4.3.9. Left Trigger - To Be Decided

4.3.10. Right Trigger - To Be Decided

4.4. Can add local multiplayer fairly easily

4.4.1. awesome-de-la-sauce

4.5. Things to plan:

4.5.1. What are you shooting?

4.5.2. Is there a storyline, or a reason you are running across the screen?

4.5.3. New node