The First Moroccan Crises 1905-06

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The First Moroccan Crises 1905-06 by Mind Map: The First Moroccan Crises 1905-06

1. Countries involved

1.1. Morocco

1.2. France

1.3. Britain

1.4. Germany

1.5. Austria-Hungary

1.6. Spain

2. Where?

2.1. The Crises took place in Morocco

2.2. However, the conference in which France was given Morocco took place in Algeciras, Spain

2.3. In February 1905, France demanded control over the Moroccan army and police

2.3.1. the Sultan (leader of Morocco) refused

3. Background

3.1. There was already background tension and rivalry

3.1.1. especially Imperialism Kaiser Wilhelm wanted 'a place in the sun'

3.2. Morocco was weak

3.2.1. France hoped to conquer it

3.3. In 1903, France based an army on the Moroccan border

4. What happend?

4.1. France wanted Morocco

4.1.1. Britain backed France

4.1.2. the Kaiser wanted to split the Entante Cordiale as he did not want to see France complete the French Empire

4.2. France was given Morocco

4.2.1. so the Kaiser suffered an embarassing defeat

4.3. Also, the Kaiser visited the Moroccan port Tangiers

4.3.1. and gave a speech about how it should stay independent

5. Why?

5.1. The Kaiser wanted Morocco, 'A place in the sun'

5.2. and he did not want the French empire to extend

5.3. or the Entante Cordiale to get stronger