How to find the work you love (Scott Dinsmore, TED-talk)

Interesting and insightful TED-talk with high information density.

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How to find the work you love (Scott Dinsmore, TED-talk) by Mind Map: How to find the work you love  (Scott Dinsmore, TED-talk)

1. 80% of people do not enjoy their work

2. Why are you doing the work that you are doing?

2.1. Because somebody told me U am supposed to

2.2. For 3 months in a row more people quit their job that has been layed off in the USA

2.3. Do something that matters to you

3. Live your Legend

4. Three-step passionate framework

4.1. Values

4.1.1. Youre framework of making decisions

4.1.2. Who am I as a person? Trying to make an impact

4.2. You must know what you are looking for in order to find it

4.2.1. Strengths finder 2

4.2.2. Thus is your compass

4.3. Becoming a self-expert and understanding yourself

4.4. Experiences

4.4.1. Process of reflecting and learning

4.4.2. What inspires you?

4.4.3. What matters to you?

4.5. 100% within your control

4.5.1. Decide to do something about it

4.5.2. Mahatmar Gandhi First they IGNORE you, then they LAUGH at you, then they FIGHT you, then you WIN.

5. Two reasons why people don't do things

5.1. They tell themselves they can't do it

5.2. People around them tell them they can't do it

5.2.1. Learn to challenge yourself Do incremental pushes Surround yourself with passionate people You are the average of the 5 people you spend your time with A group improves performance The people around you matters 80% of people not enjoying their working environment Don't change your goals, change your surroundings What is the work you can't not do?

5.2.2. Everything in life was impossible before somebody did it