Flow of Scientific Information

This concept map gives an overview of communication in the evolution of scientific information. Scientific information begins as an idea, may be published on a personal website or presented at a conference, later to be published as a journal article. These types of publications are sometimes referred to as primary literature. Secondary literature may be discovered as a review article, or article indexes which point to the primary literature. Tertiary literature may be in the form of an encycl...

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Flow of Scientific Information by Mind Map: Flow of Scientific Information

1. MINDMAP KEY! What you see is an outline of main topics. Click on the small + sign to open up a node. Mouse over the small grey symbols to view notes and links to websites or images.

2. Idea About to be Published

2.1. Back of the napkin

2.2. Email

2.3. Lab notebook

2.4. Social network site

2.5. Twitter

2.6. Personal or organization website

3. Publication

3.1. First Public Presentation

3.1.1. Conference Abstracts

3.1.2. Preprint

3.1.3. Thesis or Dissertation

3.1.4. Media

3.1.5. Technical reports

3.1.6. Patents

3.2. Published

3.2.1. Journals - Peer Reviewed

3.2.2. Journals - Non Peer Reviewed Magazines Trade Popular

3.2.3. Conference Papers

3.3. Summaries of Information

3.3.1. Encyclopedia Access Science What's in it? Wikipedia What's in it?

3.3.2. Books Commercially Published Open Access

4. Where to Find What

4.1. Articles

4.1.1. Article Indexes What's in it?

4.1.2. Article Databases What's in it?

4.1.3. Google Scholar What's in it? Search Tips

4.1.4. Google What's in it?

4.1.5. Summon What's in it?

4.2. Finding Books

4.2.1. Library Catalog What's in it?

4.2.2. Google Books What's in it? New node

4.2.3. Worldcat What's in it?

4.2.4. Hathi Trust Digital Library What's in it?

5. Your Toolbox

5.1. Ask Us!

5.1.1. What's this?

5.2. Borrow Direct

5.2.1. What's this?

5.3. DartDoc

5.3.1. What's this?

5.4. Library Catalog

5.4.1. What's in it?

5.5. LibX Toolbar

5.5.1. What's this?

5.6. Google

5.6.1. What's in it?

5.6.2. Web Search Strategies in Plain English

5.7. Google Scholar

5.7.1. What's in it? Search Tips

5.8. Pathfinder Pro

5.8.1. What's this?

5.8.2. What's in it?

5.9. Summon

5.9.1. What's this?

5.10. Research Guides

5.10.1. What's this?

5.11. RefWorks

5.11.1. What's this?

5.12. Article Citation Finder

5.12.1. What's this?