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1. is when you take the initiative in creating positive changes in your life without needing expensive one-to-one intervention from a life coach, counsellor, psychologist or other helping professional.

2. Benefits

2.1. You feel empowered and realize your own capabilities

2.2. You work towards and achieve personal coaching goals that you have set for yourself

2.3. You develop skills and abilities which you can use in te future to make further progress (personal and professional growth)

2.4. You save money!

3. It alleviates life struggles by allowing you to:

3.1. Recognize that anxiety, depression, panic, unhappiness, lack of success, fear and relationship conflict, are merely habits (that can be broken)

3.2. Coach. motivate, and empower yourself to recognize that true happiness is a choice you can make

3.3. Change negative thought patterns while developing a healthy, adaptive way of living

3.4. Understand that trying to control life is not the answer but the problem

3.5. Realize it's never life circumstances that bring you to your knees, but the interpretation of these circumstances


4.1. Chart your Weakness

4.1.1. Yes, buts...

4.1.2. Have-tos...

4.1.3. What-ifs...

4.1.4. Cant's...

4.2. Separate Fact from Fiction

4.2.1. Facts are objective, observable, here-and-now phenomena

4.2.2. Fictions are based on interpretations, judgments and prognostications about the future

4.3. Stop Listening to the Noise

4.3.1. You can't stop a reflexive, insecure thought from popping up in your mind, but you don't have to feed it with a second thought and a third and so on.

4.4. Let Go

4.4.1. 1. Think about something negative that happened to you

4.4.2. 2. Think about something emotionally positive Memories, aspirations or visions

4.4.3. 3. Look at the negative statement and allow yourself to think only about this (for 30 seconds)

4.4.4. 4. Turn the page over and force yourself to think only about the positive experience

4.5. Motivate yourself

4.5.1. Challenge the myth that anyone else can "rescue" you - you have to do the wok

4.5.2. Accept responsibility for personal change

4.5.3. Convince yourself that you really have a choice