The Most Clever Life-Hack I’ve Ever Learned

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The Most Clever Life-Hack I’ve Ever Learned by Mind Map: The Most Clever Life-Hack I’ve Ever Learned

1. Introduction

1.1. Stop intellectually masturbating to pornographic notions of ideas.

1.2. Self-improvement can quickly become masturbation.

2. Productivity Porn

2.1. Productivity can quickly turn into productivity porn.

2.1.1. This is what happens when you see someone who uses 47 different productivity apps

2.2. Productivity porn is when you “track steps” on your fit bit instead of just generally moving more.

2.3. Don't weigh the idea of doing it more than actually accomplishing what the goal or value sets out to accomplish.

3. Success Porn

3.1. “Success hacks” is a giant cesspool of success porn.

3.2. Just find something you enjoy doing and work consistently without burning yourself out.

3.3. There is no cause and effect relationship between waking up early and succeeding.

3.4. Usually, if you’re trying to “hack” something, you’re avoiding what will actually get you where you want to be.

4. The Only Real “Life-Hack”

4.1. Fall in love with doing instead of the idea of doing.

4.2. The best hack of all is not trying to hack anything.

4.3. Be thoughtful and produce quality.

4.4. When you’re diligent, patient, and get it right, you reap disproportionate rewards.

4.5. Whenever you hear about hacking something, ask yourself why you want to take that route and if that route will actually work.

4.6. Don’t fight the truth. You have to earn it.