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Online Stores by Mind Map: Online Stores

1. Tours & Activities

1.1. Luaus

1.1.1. Germaines Reservation Line: 949 6626 Tour Information Pricing $64 Pickup Locations Pacific Beach Pickup NEXT STEP Set up a Voucher & Credit with the Company Or i can get Matt Cambells Credit Card # Need the Zip Code

1.2. Ecwid Export

1.3. Jet Ski

1.3.1. Upsell Kualoa Ranch ATVs Horseback Riding Turtle Bay Resort

2. Christian

2.1. Having a Pure Pressure business card is going to be nice and this is how we we are going to make it so that everyone in volved get s a piece of the pie and they can all see the sales and check it out

2.2. Ecwid Export

2.2.1. New node

3. EBooks

3.1. We can make the ultimate e-book site for only 99 ebooks

3.2. I can share that idea with Nate as well

3.3. Ecwid Export

4. Web Design

4.1. We can also have web packages like the sunshine shopping cart with all of our templates in there on our shopping cart for our web design and go to people and have them pay for it with their credit card perhaps we can do down payments