The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon By Stephen King

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The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon By Stephen King by Mind Map: The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon  By Stephen King

1. Allusions

1.1. Allusion to The Lord of the Flies?

1.1.1. Pg 171- "Wasp Priest" I am not sure if it is an allusion to another novel but "Wasp Priest" for some reason reminds me of " The Lord of the Flies"

1.2. V.C. Andrews (pg 61)

1.2.1. She generally writes about tragedies and horrible situations This fits in with the atmosphere of the novel

2. She tries to be positive and hopes she will be found

2.1. "Count your blessings." Trisha is trying to hold onto her hope and says this to herself

3. Trisha's Reactions To Getting Lost

3.1. When that fails, she starts imagining the worst- her death.

3.2. Trisha decides she will not be rescued any time soon so she starts to make her supplies last longer and look for food

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4. Literary Techniques/Elements

4.1. Point of View

4.1.1. Third Person Omniscient

4.2. Setting

4.2.1. The Forest: a dark, gloomy setting

4.3. Imagery

4.3.1. Most of the book is vivid and dense descriptions of the forest

4.4. Climax

4.4.1. Trisha finally faces the monster animal It is a North American black bear. She is braver than ever and even taunts the bear to kill her.

4.5. Symbolism/My interpretation

4.5.1. Forest: the darkness that people go through and how they feel. Forest sets for a dark tone in the novel and provides a dark, dramatic setting.She could have gotten lost in a city, but it would not have provided same atmosphere

4.5.2. Bear: The actual problem that keeps following a person around and constantly lingers The bear followed Trisha around the entire time

4.5.3. Climax: Bear vs. Trisha The problem is finally faced

4.5.4. Tom Gordon: Represents "the light." What helps someone get through adversity.

4.6. Possible Themes

4.6.1. The vulnerability of human beings

4.6.2. Courage

4.6.3. Hope

4.7. Flashbacks

4.7.1. To her childhood and life as if she is going to die

5. Story Sequence

5.1. Trisha is walking through a forest trail with her mom and brother.

5.2. She is annoyed of her mother and brother fighting so she decides to wander off the trail to pee.

5.3. She decides to take a shortcut back to the trail and ends up getting lost.

5.4. She wanders through the forest by herself looking for food

5.5. She soon realizes that there may be an animal following her. He is leaving dead animals in his path.

5.6. She is becoming increasingly scared and losing her hope of getting rescued.

5.7. She listens to her walkman and dreams of her hero Tom Gordon to help her to cope with her situation.

5.8. She finally comes face to face with the animal that was following her: a black bear

5.9. Some nearby hunters shoot the bear and save her

6. Memorable Quotes

6.1. "Now back to the shittiest day a little girl ever had..."

6.2. "She was unaware she was sobbing..." This quote displays just how weak and vulnerable she is.

6.3. " 'Lost and sitting in my own crap, ' Trisha said. She began to cry again, then also to laugh as it struck her funny."

6.4. "I'm going to die in the woods."

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