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Dick by Mind Map: Dick
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3d world made of boxes

3d map

256 high

infinite wide

divided into 16x16 chunks

the world is generated every time the game starts

124 types of blocks

gold, water, &c

140 items, sword &c

Hostile & friendly mobs

eg, cripper

friendly as eatable

Universe of things to do




No goal

You can do anything

Start from nothing

Build anything, crafting is the central thing, some ppl build computers there!

Bots enable to build agents that work for you

Bot types

Server side

most of the bots

Running inside the server, Java

Limited by server design, currently no stable API

Client side

You have to do the plumbing yourself, networking, game mechanics


You're kind of alone


Bungeecord, name of proxy, name of event that can happen in proxy situations, AKA sync issues

Can be easier to test goals live

Has problems of both server and client

double authentication

Bot & Python

It's fast enough, provided you're careful

10sec algorithms will cause the server to kick you

Use the good stuff

Twisted, Numpy, Pypy

KISS - better not use threads

Start with simple


No official spec

ppl reverse engineer (decompile java bytecode),

Minecraft has Bugs/features?

"good example of bad design"

it grew organically

Correctly parsing network bytestream

90 types of packets!

Build the world *correctly* - properly interpreting the data from the server

otherwise your reality will be different than the server's


A*, sometimes dangerous - can explode, costly computing

Map can be huge - 3d, use hierarchy, compositional, not trivial

If it takes too long to find the path - it's wrong

Creating possible places to go

Moving around

AABB is your friend, Axis Aligned Bounding Box

Minecraft physics is funky


The bot can

fall, !

see you

Not swim

Knows that the world changed

Make signs, it will walk betweek them



Mobs aware

Otherwise it'll be killed in the night

Perceive/interpret the world


there are currents

Mining & building

don't want to script himself to death..

considered machine learning, but the state space is too big


really live

Defend against hostile mobe

hardest, Interrupt other Plans


GOAP, Machine learning GOAP?

Interrupt other Plans, Priorities?