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1. You are perfectly created by God to fulfill God’s purpose for you!

1.1. Hebrews 12:1 Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us.

1.2. Hebrews 12:2 We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects our faith. Because of the joy awaiting him, he endured the cross, disregarding its shame. Now he is seated in the place of honor beside God’s throne.

1.3. Impossible to win someone else’s race

1.3.1. Eyes on Jesus

1.4. Ran track

1.4.1. Fastest way to lose the race is to look

1.5. I strive to make my Jesus smile

2. Love hate with social media

2.1. Perfectly good day

2.2. Friend better one!

2.3. My life sucks!

3. QR

4. The fastest way to kill something special is to compare it to something else

4.1. "What a cute little ring"

4.2. what someone has

4.3. where someone goes

4.4. What they DO!

4.4.1. So many talented people

4.4.2. Gets me!

4.4.3. "You are very passionate"

4.5. The reason you can’t do what someone else can do is you were not called to their purpose

4.5.1. Stop Comparing

5. You are perfectly created by Godto fulfill God’s purpose for you

5.1. Eph 2:10 NLT For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.

5.2. Masterpiece

5.2.1. Greek Poiema Poe - A - ma Poetry!

5.3. Everything God creates he creates for a purpose

5.3.1. Your birth is evidence that God has a purpose for your life

5.3.2. All for His glory Criticizing yourself is criticizing God I'm not It is His plan to create in me the person he intends me to be. My weaknesses are just as important as my strengths, to be who God called me to be

5.4. Comparison is the enemy of calling!

6. You can’t fulfill God’s purposefor youwhen you are comparing to someone else

6.1. Many scholars think there was a rivalry between Peter and John

6.1.1. Who will be greatest

6.1.2. who will be at your right hand

6.1.3. John writes... John referred to himself as the one Jesus loved

6.1.4. See how many times John tells us he us faster than Jesus

6.2. John 20:2-4, 6, 8 She ran and found Simon Peter and the other disciple, the one whom Jesus loved. She said, “They have taken the Lord’s body out of the tomb, and we don’t know where they have put him!”

6.3. John 20:3-4 Peter and the other disciple started out for the tomb. 4 They were both running, but the other disciple outran Peter and reached the tomb first.

6.4. John 20:6 Then Simon Peter arrived and went inside. He also noticed the linen wrappings lying there,

6.5. John 20:8 Then the disciple who had reached the tomb first also went in, and he saw and believed

6.5.1. Unpack how we compete

6.6. John 21:20-22 Peter turned around and saw behind them the disciple Jesus loved—the one who had leaned over to Jesus during supper and asked, “Lord, who will betray you?”

6.7. John 21:21-22 Peter asked Jesus, “What about him, Lord?” 22 Jesus replied, “If I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you? As for you, follow me.”

6.8. Stop comparing your calling!

6.9. Stop comparing what you weren’t designed to accomplish.

6.10. You can’t fulfill God’s purpose for you when you are comparing to someone else

6.11. Fastest way to kill something special is to compare it...

7. Review

7.1. There’s a Reason

7.1.1. Sometimes God’s prep comes packaged pain

7.2. Your purpose is not for you

7.2.1. Your purpose is for God

7.3. You don’t find your purpose

7.3.1. You serve God’s purpose

7.3.2. Stop trying to "find yourself" and Find God's next step for your life.

7.4. If you want to serve God’s purpose

7.4.1. Start serving God’s people!

8. Message Video