PS 9: Digital & Media Literacy School Map

The landscape of digital media and innovation at PS 9.

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PS 9: Digital & Media Literacy School Map by Mind Map: PS 9: Digital & Media Literacy School Map

1. Digital & Media Literacy overview

1.1. Definition of MLE

1.1.1. critical thinking & literacy extended to new media: core principles 1: MLE requires active inquiry and critical thinking about the messages we receive and create. 2: MLE expands the concept of literacy to include all forms of media. 3: MLE builds and reinforces skills for learners of all ages and requires practice. 4: MLE develops informed, reflective and engaged participants essential for a democratic society. 5: Media are a part of culture and function as agents of socialization. 6: People use their individual skills, beliefs and experiences to construct their own meanings from media messages.

1.1.2. you are already experts if you boil it down to basic communication: who's author, what is their intention, and what audience is this for?

1.1.3. production = "writing" in new media not hard for kids to pick up skills communication tool box kids can be empowered through SCHOOL to use these tools to communicate with the quality/effectiveness you try to teach them with writing

1.2. Relevance to CCSS

1.2.1. fit them into existing work to help connect with standards/goals

1.2.2. new media can be included as "texts", "informational texts", "nonfiction", etc.

1.2.3. media projects can demonstrate communication skills, comprehension, meaning-making, etc.

1.2.4. Internet research best practices

2. Policies

2.1. Digital Citizenship Contract Signed by Kids & Parents

2.1.1. have students write this and sign it

2.2. Privacy Policy

2.2.1. COPPA

2.2.2. NYCDOE Acceptable Use

2.2.3. Need to develop BSI policy

3. Staff Communications

3.1. Google Drive/Dropbox

3.1.1. Curriculum newsletters unit maps drafts minutes/agendas

3.1.2. Student Work Each Student has a folder shared with current teacher In Student Folder is a "Portfolio" folder Hand-written or art work is captured into Drive via "snapshots" in Google Drive, or Skitch (and uploaded to Drive)

3.2. report cards

3.3. data

3.4. All Staff should use email on

4. Websites

4.1. staff website (TBD)

4.1.1. announcments

4.1.2. forms

4.1.3. office communications

4.1.4. links to all staff documents

4.1.5. expectations

4.1.6. PD & Staff Meeting Calendar

4.1.7. weekly memo

4.2. public website on Joomla managed by parent

4.2.1. HOME Calendar News RSS from Class Sites

4.2.2. NEWS Calendar (Google Embed) Announcements: index of "News" tag coming from office??? PTA announcements

4.2.3. ABOUT PS 9 Contact & Location About Text Admissions how to get a seat open house info NOTE: link to news in the blog

4.2.4. CLASS SITES links to external websites in Google Sites Add an RSS Feed of all Class Site Student Work Posts, and a slideshow of all class images

4.2.5. RESOURCES Parent Resources PTO website

4.2.6. WHAT OUR STAFF IS LEARNING PD VIDEOS Rubrics for quality teaching Danielson graphics, etc.

4.3. grade level websites in Google Sites (or other)

4.3.1. newsletters

4.3.2. photo slideshows in Picasa (TBD)

4.3.3. homework

4.4. Media Lab Bridge Websites: Connects student work from Lab to Classrooms

5. Digital Resources

5.1. PS 9 Google Apps for Education

5.1.1. [email protected] can forward to other email accounts conversations are grouped accounts should be first initial + last name

5.1.2. Google Sites The place to share finished resources with students & parents (TBD) organized by unit, and resources from Google Docs are linked photos, forms, newsletters, student work

5.1.3. Google Calendar staff events public events personal/class calendars (optional)

5.1.4. Google Drive within accounts teacher accounts are class accounts using "conversations" feature in the margins while collaborating on documents (try it by highlighting some text and clicking "Insert + Comment". creating a "portal" of shared folders called curriculum resources"collections" Assessing/ Looking at / Sharing /Discussing student work

5.2. Software Favorites & Suggestions

5.2.1. Online Grade Books Engrade (within Google Apps) Jupiter Grades Skedula

5.2.2. MindMeister Graphic Organizer

5.2.3. Diigo bookmarking

5.2.4. iMovie

5.2.5. Voicethread

5.2.6. Screencapture & image annotation: Jing

5.2.7. shared Twitter accounts @ps9??? "micro" blog by kids lessons learned, take-aways, quotes, news... by kids for the parent "followers" and to archive learning over time. format teaches brevity

5.2.8. Photobooth

5.2.9. Google Docs Google Presentations (like powerpoint) Google Forms leave a survey for your kids on your class blog -- display results as a graph students post quizzes for classmates Flubaroo auto-quiz assessments Store photos of

5.2.10. Google Custom Maps

5.2.11. Google Apps

5.3. Hardware (Computers, Laptops, iPads)

5.3.1. 1-5 + Clusters: Interactive White Boards

5.3.2. Laptops

5.3.3. iMacs

5.3.4. iPads

6. Who's Doing What: Innovation Crew

6.1. Garin

6.2. CUNY Intern?

6.3. Kate

6.4. Rhys

6.4.1. project-based learning

6.4.2. utilizing digital resources, tools & people outside the building to enhance communication and access to info.

6.4.3. grade team collaboration planning goal-setting unit/project/activity planning PD: to build skills and resources PD: in-class modeling and assisting building a bridge between the lab and the classroom teachers

6.5. Parent Webmaster

6.6. Tech Support & Management Strategies

6.6.1. acknowledge limitations of technology lots of new laptops limited tech support

6.6.2. student tech leaders in each class

6.6.3. teacher maintenance roles & team-approach sign out routine: Google Calendar? Spreadsheet? commitment to learn best practices for maintenance (your knowledge, student help)

6.6.4. personnel devoted to this now Rhys: troubleshooting, limited time to fix things ?: organizing checkout and management Parents Garin: managing the lab; balance with curriculum planning/dev

6.6.5. parent volunteers

6.6.6. tech cluster teacher (i.e. Ariel)

7. Student Tech Experience

7.1. tech cluster: 2-5

7.1.1. Curriculum Map Tech Skills Curriculum Tie-in

7.1.2. Cluster Website class pages self-assessment, help & goals log links to grade level project websites

7.2. Classroom Computer Use

7.2.1. Typing Papers

7.2.2. Strategies Centers Typing practice Do dance mat intro in school, then send home as homework Should be done in cluster early and briefly Rotating Roles for Kids Class Scribe Class Researcher Class Reporter Docs/Sites: Portfolios Teacher-student conferences around student accounts

7.2.3. 4-5: 4 iMacs Each

7.2.4. K-3: iMac Each

7.2.5. Teacher Presentations (with iPads & projectors) maps group writing group research interactivity resource websites visual demonstrations

7.3. Google Apps Accounts from Grade 2

7.3.1. Individual accounts start in Gr2 NAME: gr[email protected] (example [email protected]) students manage their own passwords

7.3.2. Google Drive All Typing in Docs Peer/Teacher Editing (Commenting only) Forms Surveys Self-Assessment Rubrics Presentations Summaries Live Presentation Visual Aides Spreadsheets File Storage (like dropbox) Shared Folders with Teachers 1 folder for each teacher they work with decide what folders go inside (units, subject, assignment, etc.)

7.3.3. Google Sites Publishing digital presentations & videos to Class Website Collaborative Resource/Research Websites Answering Focus Questions from Teachers Posting Student-made Tutorials

7.4. 2012-13 5th Grade Pilot: Student Portfolios using Apps Accounts

7.4.1. all written work is archived in docs

7.4.2. Sites could be where they showcase their best work -- teachers would make recommendations for what to include in the portfolio site.

7.4.3. images of any written/art work can be photographed and uploaded to Docs

7.4.4. Docs & Sites to start

7.4.5. Curate a personal Google Site with Teacher input and self-assessment built in

7.4.6. 1/month portfolio day bring your best writing and artwork create an entry in Voicethread describing something big???

7.5. How-to Documents Shared with all staff and students in Google Docs (to be developed)

8. Goals for 2012-13

8.1. Teacher use: Technology Project as one Assessment Piece

8.1.1. Imovie 4th Grade-Explorers

8.1.2. Google Docs--writing piece

8.1.3. Note-taking skills

8.1.4. PowerPointPresentation 3rd Grade--China Posted to Class Blog 5th Grade--Civil War--Research Extension

8.1.5. Voicethread

8.1.6. 4th and 5th grade extends the

8.1.7. 1 5th grade class used Google Docs Teacher Conferencing

8.2. Grade/Cluster WebSites

8.2.1. Curriculum Pages

8.2.2. Each Teacher has their own announcements page (Blog) Homework Newsletters Extension Activities Student Work

8.2.3. Tech Zone Website

8.3. Schedule Regular Grade Levels Meetings with Mr. K

8.3.1. Connected to Assessment Piece?

8.3.2. Throughout the Year to connect skills with content?

8.3.3. Beginning Grade Level Sites--Adding material/ how-to/Launch/Letter to Parents Review Student Google Accounts and Routines--Organizing Folders Sketching Curriculum Map of the year

8.3.4. `12` 21 New node

8.4. Mr. K mapping key Technology skills and software for each grade

8.4.1. 2012-13 Technology Curriculum Map

9. Rhys' PD Plan

9.1. 2012-2013

9.1.1. Day 3 with Rhys During projects meet with (lead)teachers/Garin to troubleshoot and fine tune

9.1.2. Day 2 with Rhys review Class Sites with grade teams discuss curriculum tie-ins and talk through CCSS connections talk through who does what in classroom & in lab

9.1.3. Day 1 with Rhys review this map with Garin review the goals and schedule for the year with lead teachers look at curriculum map for tie-ins with Garin (performance tasks, CCSS, tech project) set up Class Sites with teachers, for them to turnkey to other teachers on grade levels

9.2. 2013-2014 (TBD)

10. Goals for 2013-2014

10.1. Continue Curriculum Mapping Alignment with Grades 2-5

10.2. Using grade level student publishing & research sites and google drive as links between teachers and lab

10.3. Routine Student-Teacher Google Drive (Grades 2-5)

10.3.1. teacher conferencing in Documents

10.3.2. Drive Folder Setup Each year: Students share works in progress folder with teacher Each year: Students create portfolio folder inside their main folder Teachers move student folders from "Shared with me" to a class folder for that year

10.3.3. Portfolio capture day(s) in lab bring something from class to digitize go back to captured work and review later in the year with teachers

10.4. Streamline Establish Routine for student publishing & archiving

10.4.1. Create folders in Drive or Groups in Vimeo for finished student projects -- students share there when it's time to publish

10.4.2. Mr. K adds folders or groups to grade level websites for "publishing"

10.5. Videos: Vimeo Pro

10.5.1. Upgrade to Pro Vimeo Account

10.5.2. kids upload to Vimeo

10.5.3. Videos Groups Established per grade and embedded into websites through "Widgets"