Creative Writing

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Creative Writing by Mind Map: Creative Writing

1. Title of Story

1.1. Rascal's Adventure

2. Characters

2.1. Rascal

2.1.1. protagonist/main character

2.2. Bonnie

2.2.1. Rascal's wife

2.3. Juan

2.3.1. Rascal's boss

2.4. Spanky

2.4.1. Rascal's best friend

2.5. Old Amhar

2.5.1. Wizard

2.6. Rascal's Mom

2.7. Rascal's Dad

3. Plot

3.1. Rascal has been in search of his parents since he was a little boy, and he has recently found new clues as to where they are located. He follows the clues step by step and carefully figures out where his parents live now. At the end he finally finds them and they have been searching for his as well.

4. Setting

4.1. A forest area

4.2. A desert

4.3. A big city

5. Climax

5.1. He is opening the door to the final location that his parents could be. It makes the story have some supense.

6. Twists and Turns

6.1. He thinks he is about to walk into the house of his parents but it is actually owned by a magical wizard that makes him forget all of the knowledge he as found out in the past 10 days. So he has to start from there again.