Disruptive Design

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Disruptive Design by Mind Map: Disruptive Design

1. Mining

1.1. data dump

1.1.1. you look for everything and anything about your issue/problem

1.2. Making sure that there is indeed an equity issues with in your Equity Problem Project (EPP)

1.3. Suspend the need to solve

1.3.1. Problem Lover

1.3.2. Don't just subtle on your first ideas, dig deeper come up with ideas that are outside of the box

1.4. Problem Arena

1.4.1. who

1.4.2. what

1.4.3. where

1.4.4. when

1.4.5. why

1.4.6. how

1.4.7. creating parameters for your project

1.5. Research Question(s)

1.5.1. May change through through the process

1.5.2. You may find and/or delete questions based on on Mining, Landscaping, and Building

1.6. Research Approach(s)

1.7. Research Action Plan

2. Landscaping

2.1. Systems

2.1.1. Systems Mapping Main Systems Map Ecology Industry Humanity/society Cluster Map Interconnected Circles Map

2.1.2. Societal Institutions Government, Education, Economy, Field of Technology, Medicine, etc.

2.1.3. Tools and Techniques of Systems Mapping 10 Tools

3. Building

3.1. 10 Rules of Ideation

3.2. Creative Flow

3.2.1. Moves iteratively through Mining, Landscaping, and Building

3.3. Rapid Ideation

3.3.1. Disrupt the System Send you back into Landscaping/Mining

3.3.2. Work within the Creative Flow

3.3.3. dump all your ideas what do the solutions sound like feel like taste like look like smell like how do they disruptive existing institutions

3.4. Prototyping

3.4.1. different ideas

3.4.2. work within the flow

3.4.3. test things out, if it doesn't work then you may have to go dig for more data to come up with a better solutions THE ITERATIVE PROCESS

3.4.4. make one version--tweak, change, modify Create a new version of the solution

3.5. Be disruptive make change, dig deeper into solutions, think about institutions and keep moving between the parts of the DD Method

4. Iterative

5. DD Process

5.1. Innovation

5.1.1. Cars are tweaked and changed, but there are never invented again, they go through an innovation process

5.2. Invention

5.2.1. Cars

5.3. Disruption

5.3.1. shake up the system

5.3.2. question everything

5.3.3. find the loopholes

5.3.4. Find the errors

5.3.5. find the inequities

5.4. Sustainability

5.4.1. regenerated

5.4.2. recycled

5.4.3. reused

5.5. Equity

5.5.1. Is everyone gets what they need to be successful, survive, and thrive in society