Examine the claim that family always suffers when women go to work.

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Examine the claim that family always suffers when women go to work. by Mind Map: Examine the claim that family always suffers when women go to work.

1. In the long run, in a situation where moms are career orientated and failed to spend enough time with their children, it can have an adverse effect on the child's intellectual, social and emotional developement. this is because their children would not have their parents to guide them as they grow and develop. (edited)

1.1. Elaborate

2. However ,It is understandable for women to take on a job in such high cost of living society to support the family too.Yet again, They can keep sufferings of family low when they go to work through prudent management in allocating their time.

3. implications

3.1. If working mothers are too caught up by climbing the corporate ladder and fail to effectively strike a balance between their worklife and familylife, the repercussions faced may be severe.

3.2. If these problems are not solved, couples may drift apart as they have little time for each other because of work and the family may drift apart ,resulting in the situation whereby family members have too little time for each other that they have very little communication. (edited)

3.2.1. "worst come to worst" is colloquial. avoid using this expression.

3.2.2. what can possibly cause the drift? why would they behave like strangers?

3.3. without a mother functioning her role in the family, it may cause the family to feel detached and lack togetherness as they are those who would help to nuture their child if not the father. Once the distance feeling sets in, it may be rather difficult to achieve family togetherness again. (edited)

3.3.1. what exactly is this role? are there fixed roles for mothers and fathers?

4. succinct summary

4.1. Pros of working moms

4.1.1. Dual income allows the family to be more finanically able ,increasing their quality of life for the family Are we missing out on single-parent families and families where the man decides to stay home while the woman heads out to work?

4.1.2. A complemented role model to working fathers for their children to learn from both sides of their working parents in how to manage work life and family life effectively.(edited) The same can be said for working fathers too, no? how can this specifically be related to working mothers?

4.2. Cons of working moms

4.2.1. Family quality time is sacrifaced tremendously.

4.2.2. Children physical and mental being is compromised and their holistic developement is affected as well.

5. Introduction

5.1. issue

5.1.1. When women go to work, it leads to the suffering of the family

5.2. terms

5.3. view

5.3.1. The family may benefit from the women in the family going to work , though there will be costs to consider

5.4. Thesis statement

5.4.1. When the women in the family, choose to undertake a job, the family does not always suffer, and may even benefit from it, however when they choose to do so, there are costs to consider.

6. Supporting argument 1

6.1. Stand

6.1.1. Working women play a vital role in helping the family to have an increase in financial standing It is important to consider the type of 'family' we are referring to. Some single-parent families for example, can barely make ends meet and are far from being "financially healthy"even though the mother goes out to work.

6.2. Elaboration

6.2.1. With extra income coming in, the family is able to spend more on areas beyond basic survival such as food, water, electricity etc, and can spend their money on upgrading of their skills Extra income could be used to help develop their children such as sending them for piano lessons or tuition classes, which will benefit their children greatly

6.3. Examples

6.3.1. In the US, it has been proven statistically, 62 percent of the women come up with half of the family's income Women have to play an active role to support the home financially, and ensure they can mantain a reasonable standard of living

6.4. Reiterations

6.4.1. Thus, with the women in the family going to work, the family can afford to spend more and improve the standard of living

7. opposing argument 1

7.1. Stand

7.1.1. The effects of women pursuing her career has an enormous impact on the family.

7.2. Elaboration

7.2.1. Most women return home feeling weary at least by the increasingly demanding workload they face at work .They are drained and not at their optimal state ,hence they fail to care for their children as effectively if they are not working.Fatigue from work will deter them from doing their household chores too. Moreover ,women being so occupied with their hectic work , family quality time will inevitably be compromised to a certain extent.(edited) This will result in the loss of togetherness in the family. The family will not be as closely knit. is this a generalization? can you prove that working women return home everyday feeling stressed, such that they neglect household responsibilities?

7.3. Examples

7.3.1. One of the consequences is the erosion of 'female altruism' Care and love given by the women in the family will be lesser. There will be a need to choose between career or family when balance cannot be made. Usually family time is being sacrificed. how can you be so sure that family time will be sacrificed over career? any real examples or research to substantiate your claim? The survey, entitled “The Path Forward,” has shown 41% said their career had had a negative impact on their family. In addition, 42% said they often sacrifice time with their family to succeed .This considerable figures further supports my claim that career did restraint women from having sufficient time for their family as they might be bounded by the workload of their jobs.(Edited)

7.4. Reiterations

7.4.1. Therefore, family will suffer when women go to work.As most women are traditionally expected to fulfil the role of child -rearing and household chores , the switch from housewifes to working women will affect the family to a certain extent.Then, this tasks are left unattended .The child may not have the best character and emotional developement as their mother are frequently absent to guide them and the family may not be as bonded and organised as now both parents are busy with their work.(Edited) Consider this - how are the effects on a family brought about by working women different from that caused by working men? why?

8. supporting argument 2

8.1. Stand

8.1.1. On top of working fathers ,mother serve as an additional role models for their children in how to balance a family and their career .In the modern society where increasing number of mothers are no longer housewifes ,it provides children and spouses a chance to become more responsible as they have to share the load of household chores .This helps to eradicate the underlying general assumption where household duties are chiefly executed by the women.(edited) can this not be applicable to working fathers as well? there is an assumption made here that women are naturally in charge of child-raising and household duties.

8.2. Elaboration

8.2.1. Children who are raised witnessing both parents working are more inclined to have a great work ethic themselves when they grow up. They are instilled the value of working and the importance of money and consumerism to a family watching how their parents reasonably share the duties around the house ,they will understand and pick up skills to create a loving and sharing home for their own children

8.2.2. When a mother is working, even if it is within the home, the father and the children ought to do their share to maintain a smooth running family . Since the mother is working to provide the second income, this reduce the workload of the specific population of some fathers who juggle between several odd jobs so that they can spend more time with his family. This shift of balance provides an excellent role model for children.(edited) that is only if the father is indeed juggling multiple jobs

8.3. Examples

8.3.1. Research has found out that American couples who share employment and housework responsibilities are less likely to divorce compared with couples where the man is the sole breadwinner. This further supports my stand where with working mothers, it not only alleviates the high cost of living a family sustained and also encourages the family to be more cooperative in maintaining family togetherness through fairly allocating household responsiblities among themselves.

8.3.2. Studies of attitudes to working mothers have portrayed a considerable number in Britain believe that family life does not suffer when a woman works full-time. The figures show 46 per cent of women and 42 per cent of men are confident that a mother who works is not harming her family.(edited) They have a fairly high reassurance that with wise time management between family life and work life ,they are able to achieve the optimal functioning of a conducive environment for their children.Besides, they feel the need to expose children to world of independence where it is made for them to learn and grow through allowing them to shoulder some household responsibilities.They believe as long as a working mother does fulfill her role in guiding the children , the children will not suffer much but learn to empathise with their mother's hectic working scheldue. Moreover ,Working mothers help to increase the overrall financial ability of the family thus they were more likely to seek high-quality child care. And they displayed greater "maternal sensitivity," or responsiveness toward their children, than stay-at-home mothers.(Edited) what is the context of this survey - where is it conducted? can you provide the reasons to why they are confident about this? what about the remaining percentages of men and women who think otherwise? The remaining percentages whom think otherwise are adamant that women taking an equal role in the workplace and away from their traditional role at home are inflicting a cost on their family .They feel theres a mandatory need for women to stay home to function the family well but they fail to realise that in the modern world , the escalating number of working mothers is inevitable due to the increasing cost of living .Hence ,as the changing lifestyles of the society encourage the possibilities of mother to work but not at the expense of their family if they can smartly balance between both of them .(edited)

8.4. Reiteration

8.4.1. Hence, Working moms do serve as complement exemplar to fathers for their children in the aspect of balancing their working and family life. It certainly spurs the children to be more sensible through the household responsibilities they uphold.(edited)

9. opposing argument 2

9.1. Stand

9.1.1. Working moms do has an considerable impact on the family,especially for the children 's well being.

9.2. Elaboration

9.2.1. Inevitably, Children's mental and physical health suffers when their moms are frequently absent as she is away at work Children’s sleep is severely compromised when both parents work outside the home. Traditionally, mothers are in charge of the well-being of the children while the father is away. With work to consider now, mothers may not available during the day to see that their children stay on a healthy sleep schedule, and many wake their children up in the morning in order to get to work on time and keep them up at night because they haven’t seen them all day. The result is sleep deprivation, which negatively affects children’s behavior and cognitive abilities. (edited) should this responsibility really be placed solely on the working mothers? what about working fathers? what about the children themselves? Rather than sitting down to a healthy meal prepared mostly by Mothers, today’s children are eating excessive amounts of prepared meals and are snacking after school in front of the television rather than playing outside. (edited) Assumption that all mothers are supposed to cook. Is this a fair argument to make? when children lacked the supervision of their parents, they tend to have a higher possibility in going astray as they are not given the right guidance or enough attention. Due to the hectic worklifes, moms have minimal time for their children and this caused in the lack of communication between them.Hence, children do not have a strong emotional connection or support from their moms .This undeniably led to compromisation of their emotional developement and state.

9.3. Examples

9.3.1. . In Britain, 54% of women and 58% of men believe that when a mom works it has a negative impact on family life.

9.3.2. 88% of Working Parents Suffer Stress-related Health Problems Since they are usually worn out by work, they do not portray the optimal affection to their children and caused their family life to suffer.

9.3.3. The basic finding was that there was a significant association between the two – when parents reported work burnout, kids were more likely to report school burnout. kids observe our attitudes about work, they may model these in their school performance. Discouragement and negativity and stress can be contagious

9.4. Reiterations

10. Conclusion

10.1. Therefore,i argee that family does suffer to a certain extent when women go to work .This is through without a mom performing her basic lead in the family,it will affect the family ultimately in various aspects-child rearing 's effectiveness and family bonds.

11. Overall feedback: - label each argument with the names of the member(s) in charge - check for spelling and grammatical errors - e.g. "women is", use "mothers" instead of "moms" - some arguments are based heavily on gender stereotypes and assumptions - e.g women are in charge of household chores