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Homer by Mind Map: Homer
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Homeric style




hexameter verse

Homer in a nutshell

Rapidity or ease of movement, plainness of expression, and plainness

powerful style

Main intrest

human feeling


As a person

There are Only guesses about him

born- 850 BC some people thing 7th century now

Some believe that no man ever existed


The Odyssey

about trip of Odysseus after the trojan war

There is a short story at beginning about Telemachus and people think that Homer combined the 2 story's

The Illiad

about Trojan war and achillies

Schliman wanted to find troy for its riches!

The Homeric Question

Was there 1 author or were there many?

1 answer- homer took multiple story and out them together

2 groups of answers

Unitarians-who belive a single author composed one or both works

Sapartists-live the iliad and odyssey are the product of multiple authors


Homer was most famously know as a blind bard

homros was a dialectical lonic word for a blind man

Maybe homer is not just one but a majority of people

Many other bards were blind

Samuel Butler

Wrote translations of "The Odyssey" and "The Iliad"

Formed review of the author of "The Odyssey

Called "The authorist"


a large amount of artwork represented homers epics