To what extent is stable family vital for a successful society?

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To what extent is stable family vital for a successful society? by Mind Map: To what extent is stable family vital for a successful society?

1. It is essential for a child to grow up in a stable family where he receives love and proper guidance. In this way, he will feel a sense of belonging in the society and will not lead a astray life in the future. Therefore, living in an unhealthy family will hinder a child's character development whereby it is difficult for him to build trust in people. As a result, the future is bleak for him as well as for the society.

2. Example: A child who experiences family violence lives in constant trauma. He may feel that no one loves him and gives him attention at home. This will taint his youth and he may feel constant fear and uncertainties even when he goes out into the society. Feeling neglected at home, he may then mix with a bad company and even commit crimes resulting in social instability.

3. One of the greatest things in life is hope and everyone has it. Even more so for the people who come from broken families and with that hope far greater than most other people, these people will do all they can in life to give them a better future, not only for their children, but for their children's children.

4. OK for a conclusion except for the odd point about unstable families.

5. Successful society is defined through being prosperous socially as well as economically. A stable family will provide additional moral and emotional support to aid a working adult in the society, thus improving one’s working performance. Furthermore, academic studies and character of a child, who will contribute to the future talent pool, can be carefully nurtured in a stable family. However, to maintain stability in a family, a lot of effort has to be put in and work performance may be compromised. A child, who is brought up in an unstable family, may also be motivated to do better in life than her or her family. Thus having an unstable family may work in one’s favour to achieve a successful society.

6. A stable family would mean that the family leads a harmonious life. There will be minimal use of violence and every family member is very understanding of one another. There will be less pressure on the family members. The sole breadwinner may have a huge load of pressure at work as well as at home in a dysfunctional family, while in a stable family, the sole breadwinner will definitely have less pressure and will surely have a better ability to overcome it. With that, the working population will enjoy a higher rate of productivity which will be important for a stable country and a stable society.

7. In conclusion, although unstable families can create a successful society, stable families are mostly vital as it provides us the material and mental support. Furthermore, it plays an extremely important role in raising our young generation. Without it, the consequences that the society in general would suffer are imaginable.

8. OK, Sean but there are assumptions in your argument which can be challenged. It is quite a stretch to claim that if the breadwinner in the family works hard, that family will be dysfunctional. Think further together with your group members to improve on this point and report to me next week in class.

9. Jacqueline, this is all right for an introduction. It pays attention to what 'stable family' implies but the group's point about individuals from bad familiies surmounting the odds is quite irrelevant.

10. Parents in stable families will be able to spend quality time to supervise their child’s academics. Child will be more likely to do better in studies as they do not feel neglected Less distractions to them studying compared to unstable family where parents may quarrel.Parents can also talk to their child about their future career and what should be done to achieve his goals and also help him along the way. Child will grow up to be a great contributor to society by making the workforce more efficient and increasing the talent pool This will promote economic growth in the society.

11. Lucas, you put effort to develop your point, but the question is not about individuals making it despite a lack of family support in the growing up years. You and your group can discuss this and perhaps replace it with a better argument. Report to me next week in class.

12. Example: Multiple award winning American rapper Jay-Z came from a family where his father abandoned him and at age 13, he shot his own brother. This clearly shows a very unstable family but his upbringing has given him inspiration to write the lyrics of the songs he produces, showing his difficult stage of growing up and what he has done to overcome these problems in life to be what he is today. Furthermore, his success story has also become the motivation for many other budding rappers who come from broken families so they themselves can have a better life, reducing crime rate in their neighbourhoods and ensuring a more successful society

13. Supporting argument 3: Stable family is also vital in the character development of a child so that he may integrate into the society. (Shi Ling)

13.1. Valid point and acceptable elaboration and example, Shi Ling

14. Opposing argument 2: A stable family does not guarantee a successful society as the quality of work suffers.(Clarence)

14.1. Example: For example, in order to spend more time with their families, people do not continue with their work after their working hours unlike in the past. They will take longer to finish and submit their proposals at work for instance. As a result, the efficiency of their company decreases. - Consequently many factories and companies will become less efficient. Therefore, the economy will suffer.

14.2. Clarence, I am afraid there is no society in the world (or in history) which has suffered because breadwinners in families are hardworking. The group needs to re-think or replace this point.. Discuss with the group and report to me in class next week.

14.3. This is because many people would place less emphasis on their work in order to spend more time with their families. Therefore, they will be less focused on work. Even though this results in a stable family, the quality of work suffers at the expense of a more active family life. As a result, the efficiency of the workforce suffers. Consequently many factories and companies will become less efficient. Therefore, the economy will suffer. As one of the factors determining whether a society is successful is how prosperous its economy is, a faltering economy would mean the society is not successful. Hence, a stable family does not guarantee a successful society.

15. Opposing argument 1: By coming from a family that is broken and unstable, it might motivate people to work harder to ensure that their own children dont have to suffer the same upbringing as them. (Lucas)


17. Supporting argument 1: Children who grow up in a stable family have proper upbringing will become more responsible and are willing to strive and achieve their goals and dreams. (Douglas)

17.1. Good point and good elaboration, Douglas. Examples?

18. Supporting argument 2: The moral and emotional support provided by the other family members in a stable family would certainly be invaluable in pushing one’s limits and providing the drive to work harder leading to a productive society. (Sean)

19. Conclusion (Shi Ling)