Marriage has to be redefined in modern society. Do you agree?

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Marriage has to be redefined in modern society. Do you agree? by Mind Map: Marriage has to be redefined in modern society. Do you agree?

1. Agree

1.1. Zachary Lau

1.1.1. Marriage is seen as a license to gain government privileges and grants. Certain individuals may choose to wed in order to exploit their spouses for their riches and properties. Couples may choose to wed for the wrong reasons, e.g. insurance, housing and childcare benefits. Zachary, what is the link to the question?. Does marriage need to be redefined or not?

1.2. Vigneswari

1.2.1. Polygamy Legalised in South Africa Marriage is a personal issue. Freedom should be given for people to choose their partners. If polygamous relationships can be fair and fulfilling for all the parties involved without harming anyone, then why ban it? Again, Vignesh, I do not see a clear topic sentence that is firmly addressing the question. Does marriage have to be redefined in modern society?

1.3. Zhao Ye

1.3.1. Same sex couples are allowed to marry and experience the same joy of finding life partner. • Marriage should not only between men and women •It is not against religion. New node •eg:In Christian theology, the union between Christ and the Church is a marriage. it's a same-sex union. •It is legal in many places in the world. Zhao Ye, do not just assert that marriage should not only be between men and women. Give your explanation. What is not against religion?? I also find it odd that you claim a marriage between Christ and the Church as a same-sex marriage!!

2. Disagree

2.1. Bernie Ang

2.1.1. Marriage is a compilation of traditional values. •Marriage is a traditional belief and process that has been passed on through innumerable generations. •The meaning and purpose of marriage would be changed. It would no longer be about children or future generations. Bernie, so what are the traditional values? Your assertion needs elaboration.

2.2. Prince Lau

2.2.1. Redefining marriage would threaten religious liberty. •In some religious communities, polygamy and homosexuality are socially unacceptable. •eg. Muslims Prince, I think what you mean is that it would threaten traditional religious values.. In any case, you need to explain what you mean by 'threaten religious liberty'. This point is really sketchy. Put some thought into your point and report it to me in class next week.

2.3. Deng Zhan

2.3.1. .If marriage were redefined, it would open the doors to polygamy and plural marriages. •Women’s rights will be sacrificed. •Traditional values will be jeopardised And is this all? Examples? In what way is traditional values 'jeopardised'? You have a point here but the elaboration is not convincing or sufficient.

2.4. Vigneswari

2.4.1. Marriage makes couples more committed to each other The study by the Office for National Statistics said that marriage was more stable than cohabitation even when external factors that might influence the fate of the relationship were considered. This means that married couples are more likely to stay together than cohabitees Vignesh, Vignesh, I don't see the link to the question which is about whether marriage needs to be redefined. And where is this 'Office for National Statistics' from?