Science Interaction Chapter 3 to 4

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Science Interaction Chapter 3 to 4 by Mind Map: Science Interaction Chapter 3 to 4

1. Community

1.1. Leaf Litter

1.1.1. In Leaf Litter Community, there were ant, criket, termites and spider.In this community there were lots of dead leaf.

1.2. Field

1.2.1. There were many kinds of plants and animals in a field community.Some animals live among the plants in the field while some can be found in the soil.

1.3. Seashore

1.3.1. A great variety of habitat can be found within the seashore as its rich food supply.These habitats include the rocks, cliff and sandy beaches.A great variety of living things such as crab,prawn,starfishes and clams can be found there.

1.4. Pond

1.4.1. It is an aquatic habitat. Water plants are a source of food for some aquatic animals example fishes, they also provided shade and shelter for the animals and their eggs. Just like the same as the animals and plants that live on land. Both aquatic animals and plants also depends each other for oxygen and carbon dioxide.

2. Food Weds

2.1. Organisms in food wed

2.1.1. The presence or absence of other organisms may also affect the other organisms population.

2.2. Animals

2.2.1. The presence of plant eaters will reduce the total population of plants. If the plants do not grow fast enough, the plant-eaters may have to migration out of the place to other places looking for food.

2.3. Plants

2.3.1. Plants will not grow healthy or well and may eventually die if they grow too closely together. They have to compete Air, food, water and sunlight from the soil or the sun.

3. Predators and Preys

3.1. Check out

3.2. Predators

3.2.1. They were not cruel or bloodthirsty, they just prey on somethings that were weaker than them so they eat the weaker animals meat and so called it was predator.Predator were animals that hunt for it food or meat.

3.3. Preys

3.3.1. Preys usually eats plants or it also eat meat but it also can be eating by some animals that were stronger than it example chicken, fox or even more. It called omnivore.They were just weaker than the predators.