To what extent is a stable family vital for a successful society?

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To what extent is a stable family vital for a successful society? by Mind Map: To what extent is a stable family vital for a successful society?

1. Counter to Point 4 (Counter): However,a stable family is still essential for the success of a society as unstable families ultimately bring about more problems than benefits such as emotional distress,financial difficulties and chaos. Only certain exceptions emerge more successful and can help to contribute to the society, while that is not the case for the rest of the individuals from unstable families. For example, according to research, 16% of american families experience family abuse involving physical assault. This leads to the children of the family having low self-esteem and isolation, causing them to be unable to grow up healthily and contribute largely to the society. Hence, a stable family is still vital for the society's success.

2. Thesis Statement/Stand: A stable family is vital for a successful society to a large extent.

3. Point 1: Having a stable family reduces the amount of social problems in society Elaboration 1: A stable family ensures strong bonds within family where members give one another mental support Elaboration 2: Strong bonds imply that family members will rely on each other in times of crisis and provide mental support for each other in times of difficulty and struggle Elaboration 3: Society is thus more successful as fewer in the community suffer from mental distress, allowing citizens to perform better in jobs and sustain the country's growth Example: A society consisting of a higher proportion of unstable familes will result in a greater number of people suffering from unstable mental conditions. Problems such as depression are common. In severe cases, one can even be suicidal. The society would then have to allocate more resources to the care of such people. A large proportion of mentally unstable people will reduce economic growth and cause society issues which might destabilise society.

4. Point 3: Having a stable family encourages a happier society Elaboration 1: A stable family provides emotional nourishment. Elaboration 2:This is vital to the development of the holistic individual and a productive member of society. A stable family is one that ensures that its members receive an adequate amount of love and affection such that they feel wanted and cared for. The affection can come in a myriad of forms, from a hug or pat on the back to the giving of birthday gifts. Elaboration 3: This is essential to the development of wholesome members of society. This is especially true for youths as they reach the age of adolescence as they require an extra dosage of such care and affection to help through his tumultuous period of their lives. Elaboration4: Many people that came from families who do not provide this emotional nourishment and have turned to gangs as a source of emotional nourishment to satisfy the craving for affection that their families don't provide Examples: Some children/teenagers deprived of love and affection from their families may be emotionally affected and result to reckless actions as cry for attention one example of this is the colubine high school massacre by two senior students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.

5. Definition of terms: Successful Society - Implies that the society is free from conflict socially and politically, and is progressing economically Members of society are considered happy and contented with their lifestyles Stable Family - Implies that the family is able to support itself financially, members possess good morals, are rather educated, and the atmosphere lacks disfunction and chaos

6. Point 2: Having a stable family financially ensures a successful society. Elaboration 1: A financially stable family means that the family earns enough to provide for the family's basic needs. It also means that the family has a decent standard of living and is living comfortably. Example 1: For example in 2010, the median monthly income from work of Singaporeans was $1,520 per household member. This is reasonably sufficient for families to survive. In this way, they do not have to struggle to make ends meet or to repay loans which will only cause much stress unto the family members. Their expenditures also do not have to be compromised and they can afford to buy what they want. Hence, a financially stable family is a happy and healthy family. Link 1: This leads to increased productivity and quality of the workforce, with parents of the family not having to be troubled over financial matters. This ensures economic growth, which in turn leads to a successful society. Elaboration 2: A financially stable family also means that the family is self-sufficient and does not need to depend too heavily on loans or financial help from the government to survive. Example 2: For example, in United Kingdom (UK), community grants of up to 1000 Euros are given to families on low income. When many families rely on this grant, it puts a huge burden on the finance of the UK government. Link 2: Hence, a financially stable family reduces the strain on the resources of social services and the government, allowing the society to be financially stable. Also, government funds can now be used in other aspects of the country such as education or healthcare, resulting in a successful society. Therefore a financially stable society is vital for a successful society.

7. Point 4 (Counter): However, a stable family is not vital for a society to be successful as certain individuals who come from unstable families have contributed even more to society and aided in its success Elaboration 1: Some people come from unstable family backgrounds Example: The family can be unstable in terms of having cases of abuse (physical and mental), communication problems among family members, divorced parents, financially unstable backgrounds etc Elaboration 2: Certain individuals have been driven by such unstable family backgrounds, urging them to overcome their problems and exceed others' expectations Elaboration 3: Therefore, their problamatic homes have given them the drive to do well academically and avoid similar situations for their families in the future Elaboration 4: As such, these individuals stand out in society and have proven to be very valuable to the growth of the country due to their wide knowledge of the economic matters that has come from their hard work Society therefore improves due to these individuals who work hard due to the hardships they have faced, bringing society one step closer to success

8. Conclusion: On the whole, a stable family is vital for a successful society. Though there are exceptional cases where certain individuals from unstable family backgrounds have done much good for society, it is more probable that a stable family can provide greater benefits to the community. A stable family produces individuals who are mentally, emotionally, and financially taken care of, putting them in the best position possible to contribute to society and build a steadier, more successful future.