RA RunFit Marketing Strategy

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RA RunFit Marketing Strategy by Mind Map: RA RunFit Marketing Strategy

1. RA RunFit Race Series

1.1. Create a fun, exciting & unique racing series

1.1.1. King of the Hill Multiple hill race in the Gats roughly 10K

1.1.2. XC A classic cross country race

1.1.3. The Mile Road mile

1.1.4. The long run

1.1.5. The classic

1.2. Raise funds for RA RunFit Team

1.3. Create goals for the RA Youth Program

2. RA RunFit Elite Team

2.1. Community presence

2.1.1. Create a team that wins the most races in the Ottawa Area

2.2. Individual Amenities

2.2.1. Dependent on level of ability Level 1 - free RAmembership &discount coachingfee Consistent top 3 performer in local Ottawa area races Level 2 - RA membershi free coaching Top 5 runner in Ottawa Level 3 - RA mem, free coaching&racing fees and gear Top Road Runner in Ottawa, Top 5 runner in Ontario

2.3. How to Raise funds?

3. Won with One/visually impaired run program

3.1. Host location for Won w/ One

3.2. Provide discounted memberships for Won w/ On program

4. Social Media and Community Presence

4.1. Create daily Facebook & Twitter updates

4.2. write and maintain a weekly blog

4.3. contribute regularly to local & running publications (Glebe Report due April 20th)

4.4. Create running related fun events:(United Way Run, RA Youth Program, watch olympics w/ us etc.)

4.5. Use Social media to promote RA RunFit Team, Race Series & Youth Program

5. RA Youth Run Program

5.1. Through helping youth stay active, creating brand awareness for RunFit and Run Series

5.1.1. Training Program

5.1.2. Motivation/inspiration