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China by Mind Map: China

1. President: Xi Jinping

1.1. handpicked

1.2. wants to make the country more capitalistic

1.3. rejects western constitutional democracy

1.4. abolished two term system and is therefore still in office

2. History

2.1. 1911 Republic of China ruled by warlords

2.2. 1930s invasion of Japan: brutal occupation

2.3. 1949 Mao takes over the rule and China becomes communist

2.4. Mao destroys Chinese economy

2.5. in the 1960s cultural revolution: turning point for the economy and culture

2.6. 2010 China becomes second largest economy after USA

3. Basic information

3.1. most populous country

3.2. communist regime

3.3. powerful economy

4. Censorship

4.1. online

4.1.1. Great Firewall of China

4.1.2. most content is blocked in China

4.1.3. hegemony on news coverage

4.2. analog media (e.g. TV)

4.2.1. state controlled

5. Trade war US vs China

5.1. US protectionism

5.2. reasons

5.2.1. unfair trade practices dumping prices

5.2.2. theft of intellectual property plagiarism

5.3. consequences

5.3.1. tariffs - also tit-for-tat tariffs

5.3.2. stock market instability

5.3.3. struggles in both economies - also in other parts of the world

6. Hong Kong

6.1. history

6.1.1. British colony for 150 years became busy trading port

6.1.2. after colonialization issues with Chinese idology

6.1.3. Hong Kong came to China in 1997: one country - two systems own legal system freedom of speech and assembly

6.2. issues with China

6.2.1. mainland China wants to regain power in Hong Kong extradition from Hong Kong to mainland China Hong Kong's leaders are elected mainly by pro-Beijing electors most seats in Legislative Council are taken by pro-Beijing politicians

6.2.2. people don't see themselves as Chinese mostly young people

6.2.3. too different from China due to its history

6.2.4. because of these issues protests are still ongoing

6.3. living conditions

6.3.1. real estate is very expensive many people live in tiny apartments often just one room stacks of houses and apartments

6.3.2. most people are very poor

7. Uighur Camps

7.1. cultural genocide

7.2. systematic brain-washing of Chinese muslims

7.3. no escapes

7.4. psychological tortures

7.5. according to China: voluntary training camps

8. Silkroad Pact

8.1. pact between China and Italy

8.2. rebuild ancient network of routes

8.3. not only for goods but also for human resources such as skills and knowledge