How to Encouraging De-Lurking Reflections from Week 5

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How to Encouraging De-Lurking Reflections from Week 5 by Mind Map: How to Encouraging De-Lurking Reflections from Week 5

1. Visual Attraction

1.1. I would try to make the course more colourful, more appealing and more user-friendly. (Marcela)

1.2. I think that more visual attractive platform, patterns or texts, would prompt students (or lurkers) to participate and express their opinions (Angel)

2. Topic must be interesting

2.1. if the topic is interesting, students contribute willingly and “don´t count lines” (Andrea)

2.2. the topic should be somehow close to each student. It should be something that everyone faces in daily life (Iveta)

3. Peer Grading

3.1. Pro: I think it can provoke students to post better contributions. (Iveta)

3.2. Con: It would create tense atmosphere and it is not desirable in our course. (Andrea)

4. Require Participation

4.1. If the online discussion is optional, so not many students will participate. They should know how many items have to be posted and when the deadline is. (Iveta)

4.2. Optional participation could be equal to no contributions. Setting limits on how many lines or posts are required may restrict the activity of some students; they will write just the amount they have to (Andrea)

5. Peer Feedback

5.1. a special way to encourage people to participate is getting answers from the rest (Angel)