Evaluation Question 5 How did you address/attract your audience

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Evaluation Question 5 How did you address/attract your audience by Mind Map: Evaluation Question 5       How did you address/attract your audience

1. Narrative

1.1. The overall plot line of the film would attract our target audience because it is easy to follow and has aspects of other films such as Orphan that have been successful and has targeted the same target audience as we have.

1.2. As the opening scene of our film was a murder it would automaticlly grab our target audience attention as a lot of the films aimed at teenagers has action within it.

1.3. We also attracted the audience through making them ask questions and trying to guess the answer through having the sense of mystery of who the murderer is

2. Location

2.1. House

2.1.1. We set some of the scenes in a home because our target audience can relate to a home environment. It also makes the narrative become more real to the audience as the setting is domesticated.

2.2. School

2.2.1. Teenagers and University students would be able to relate to a school environment as this would be where they spend most of their time. Also it would be easy for them to relate to a teacher rather than someone like the Queen as they do not have any personal experience with the Queen in comparison to teachers.

3. Mise-en-scene

3.1. Our protagonist is a teacher and we made it obvious through school photos and the fact that she was marking school books. This could attract our older members within our target audience who may be in University or are in training and they can relate to how much work that she had to do despite her own troubles and problems.

3.2. The costumes that we used would also attract our target audience because they were fashionable clothes that some of our target audience may own themselves.

3.3. A Shamballa was used as the motif for our film. A Shamballa is popularly worn amongst teenagers and people in their early twenties. Due to this fact we thought that it would be appropiate for us to use the shamballa as our motif as they would recognise and relate to the shamballa.

4. Music

4.1. We used a heartbeat to create tension for the audience. As the action got faster we sped up the heartbeat so that the action matched the music.

5. Camera Angles

5.1. We use a lot of Close Ups to draw the audiences attention to certain things and to also create a sense of mystery

5.2. We used a tracking shot as the opening shot of our opening sequence so that the audience could immediatly know who the protagonist was.

5.3. Establishing shot was used so that the audience could tell where the scene was set and could also tell what the narrative was.

6. Title Sequence

6.1. Our title sequence is very simple and is accompanied by the heartbeat which then follows on to the opening scene. This helps to start the build up of tension in the beginning of the film.

6.2. We also attracted our audience through having a bright logo for our production company. Through having this bright and the rest of the film is quite dark it creates a difference that would stand out to the audience and stay in their minds.

6.3. The title of the film also attracts the audience as it features the shamballa which our target audience would recognise and relate to

7. Actors

7.1. We attracted both a male and female audience by having both male and female characters who are young and attractive so that we can attract a wider audience within the target audience and so that both males and females can relate.

8. I believe that we did well with addressing the audience through using different conventions of the thriller genre and using our research and audience feedback to attract our target audience.