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Greek Tragedy by Mind Map: Greek Tragedy
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Greek Tragedy


no one knows the actual origin, but there are theories

Aristotle and a number of other writers proposed theories of how tragedy and comedy developed

Aristotle believed that it is claimed by the Megarians in Greece, who say it began among them at the time when they became a democracy [c. 580 BC] Arion was said to have invented the tragic plays and was the first to make a chorus and have it sung. he also first led the circular chorus. The first actual performance of tragedy was introduced by Arion

said to have started started with the singing of a choral lyric also called the dithyramb in honor of Dionysus.

The traditions of Greek tragedy said the playwright Aeschylus added a second actor and Sophocles added a third.


3 major poets


basic information

Agamemnon by Aeschylus


all of the actors were male

the male actors were able to show emotion by changing their tone of voice, language or by using masks.

there were actors, extras and chorus members (12 for tragedies) and they all wore full head masks made from either cork or molded mache

the only people who were unmasked were the oboe players

the central character was called a tragic protagonist


along with acting, the actors sometimes had to sing songs solo, with the chorus or with other actors



importance of theater

layout of the theaer

famous theaters