"Typology of characters" *Kubera*

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"Typology of characters" *Kubera* by Mind Map: "Typology of characters" *Kubera*

1. Asura

1.1. live in Sura realm and have 3 stages of development

1.1.1. Nastika - born without parents, immortal Gandharva, his goal is to kill Kubera Dragon sura - Kasak Rajof, Agwens father

1.1.2. Rakshasa - mortal but incredible super strong Maruna - elder brother, travels with Gandharva Yuta - younger brother, travels with Leez

1.1.3. Upani (in first 3 stages of development live in Human Realm)

1.2. Enemies of Gods

1.3. they kill and eat each other or people

2. halves & quarters

2.1. they are half human and half asura

2.1.1. Ran Seirofe, Ranas friend

2.1.2. Halves at market

2.1.3. Agwen Rajof professor

2.2. Live in the hidden villages in the deep forests

2.3. If they get cought, they can be soled at markets

3. people

3.1. -live in cities with strong anti-asura bariers

3.1.1. Kubera Leez, head character

3.1.2. Kazu, friend of Kubera

3.1.3. Leez Haias, Kuberas mother

3.1.4. Rana Reimia teacher at Mistyshore University

4. New node

5. Gods

5.1. live in a Gods realm

5.2. hate Asura

5.3. Visnu - leader

5.3.1. Agni -Fire god, summoned by Priest

5.3.2. Kubera- God of wealth, helps Gandharva

5.3.3. Kali - Chaos god

6. Magicians

6.1. also Priestes are magicians

6.1.1. Brilith Ruin Priest

6.1.2. Asha Rahiro- travels with Leez

6.1.3. Rorein Hence