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Intercultural Management by Mind Map: Intercultural Management
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Intercultural Management

Definition "Culture"

a pattern of shared basic assumptions (Edgar H. Schein)

collective programming of the mind distinguishing the members of one group or category of people from others (Hofstede)

form of effective problem-solving, as a response to the challenges of survival(Trompenaars)

Layers of Culture


Values & Norms

Basic Assumptions

Example: US

Fons Trompenaars - 7 dimensions

universalism vs. particularism

individualism vs. collectivism

neutral vs. emotional

specific vs. diffuse

achievement vs. ascription

sequential vs. synchronic

internal vs. external control

How to deal with Indian Employees

respect each employee

communicate the vision

good quality of interpersonality relationship

formulate a good job title and role briefing

introduce a hierarchical strucutre

give the possibiliy to learn

research each client throughly before entering into any negotioating

say them what they should do




Package for Indian Tourists

honeymoon travel package

Fiakker Tour through vienna

guided tour through vienna

promote the mountains and the fresh air

show the fresh water in austria

every indian must see snow

Swarovsky shop tour

Sound of music tour

vegeterian food is important

Hangar 7

make a Bollywood film in Austria

offer the best hotels

private driver and luxury car

offer them their own food