Project Velocity

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Project Velocity by Mind Map: Project Velocity

1. Plan

1.1. Setup

1.1.1. Make up a fictious Organization Setup the infrastructure for various departments Pick business cases for different departments Install servers for the departments Development work Decide on 3-4 departments Finance HR A name for the organization?

1.1.2. Probably have a external organisation to deal with

1.1.3. Use some external services also like Google, Amazon

1.2. Integrate

1.2.1. Enable interaction between the departments

1.2.2. Make cross department running workflows

1.2.3. Expose service outside organization

1.3. Document the project

1.3.1. Infrastructure description

1.3.2. Implementation description

1.3.3. Task description

2. Good too have

2.1. Other organizations setup remotely

2.2. Have organizations on cloud

3. Think about governance