Copy of Professional ERC Ongoing Disruptive Process

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Copy of Professional ERC Ongoing Disruptive Process by Mind Map: Copy of Professional ERC   Ongoing Disruptive Process

1. Preliminary

1.1. Introduction to the Institute Packet

1.2. Technology Introduction

1.2.1. Online Space directions for annex needs.

1.2.2. Walled Garden link

1.2.3. Website Directions

1.2.4. Personal website page (e-portfolio). This is the walled garden "blogging" site. This can include tech tools. Use of tech tools to increase during PLC participation.

1.3. Expectations

1.3.1. Professional Institute Annual

1.3.2. Institute Course Workshops Bi Annually

1.3.3. Interim Meetings Quarterly

1.3.4. Participant Driven Workshops by design to be help online and/or physical space.

2. Interim Meetings Quarterly

2.1. Technology

2.2. You Tube

2.2.1. Expert creates a follow up to innvotational groups.

2.2.2. Expert creates a youtube video as materials for meetings.

2.2.3. Local Content

2.3. Blog

2.3.1. Audio

2.3.2. Process Individual & Group Communities Authentic Post-Institute

2.4. VoiceThreadNot sure that I like this technology here within Interim groups.

2.4.1. Innvotational Groups and Individuals can create and share asynchronously with certain groups.

2.5. Elluminate Type space

2.6. Live Chatroom

2.7. Walled Garden

2.7.1. Personal Process Space Collaborative Space Institute Groups

2.8. For Publication Review

2.9. Publications

2.10. Website

2.11. Annex - Options if unable to attend physical space meeting.

2.11.1. Use of Video Technologies online and web based multimedia tools

3. Professional Institute Workshops Bi-Annual

3.1. Technology

3.2. Webinar

3.2.1. Expert (s)

3.2.2. Institute Group creates,provides

3.3. Pod Cast

3.3.1. Expert

3.3.2. Institute Group

3.4. Video

3.4.1. Archived or Pre-Taped

3.4.2. Live Stream

3.5. Live Chat Room Space

3.5.1. Can be a synchronous addition to those asychronous online meeting spaces. IE, A synchronous environment to compliment those asynchronous materials. Creates active and ongoing engagement.

3.5.2. Expert can join this syncronous space to address any in service questions.

3.5.3. Moderator can take questions from this meeting and present those to the expert. The expert may then address those questions using one of the technologies tools, ie, via a webinar, podcast, you tube etc.

3.6. Elluminate Type Space

3.6.1. The space used for online real time meetings with the experts, between groups themselves etc.

3.7. Walled Garden-Curriki-Type Space Follow-Up. Prepared after the Professional Institue. Participants create,receive materials,requirements before.

3.7.1. Walled Garden, Authentic use by participants

3.8. Annex - Options if unable to attend physical space meeting.

4. Professional Institute

4.1. Creates Individual & Collaborative content

4.1.1. Replicates Expands

4.2. Live Stream Video from identified region

4.2.1. Real Time Chat

4.2.2. Chatroom Moderator

4.3. Speakers

4.3.1. Live

4.3.2. Live Stream Video

4.3.3. Archived Video

4.4. Technology Workshop

4.4.1. Interactive-hands on review of multimedia, technologies

4.4.2. Identified instructors for regional annexes

4.4.3. Online space instructor for questions

4.4.4. Additional Technology Workshops

5. Participants build the PLC & the PLC creates the platform.

5.1. Creates Local Content within Open Source Environments

5.1.1. Creates learning by learning how to create learning environments Al inform the ERC. The ERC is development.