Force and Pressure

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Force and Pressure by Mind Map: Force and Pressure

1. Forces

1.1. A push or a pull

1.2. The S1 unit is Newton.

1.3. Measured with a force-meter.

1.4. Effect of forces

1.4.1. Change the shape or size of an object.

1.4.2. Start an object to move or stop moving object.

1.4.3. Speed up or slow down the object.

1.4.4. Change the direction of a moving object.

1.5. Types of Forces

1.5.1. Frictional Force Produced by two moving surfaces in contact.

1.5.2. Gravitational Force A force that pulls objects towards the Earth.

1.5.3. Magnetic Force The force of attraction produced by magnets on objects made of iron or steel.

2. Pressure

2.1. The force exerted per unit area.

2.2. It increases when force increases or area decreases.

2.3. Force divided by Area to calculate pressure.

2.4. The S1 unit is pascal ( Pa)

2.5. 1 Pa = 1 N/m2