Force & Pressure

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Force & Pressure by Mind Map: Force & Pressure

1. Effects of Forces

1.1. Start an object moving or stop a moving object

1.2. Speed up or slow down a moving object

1.3. Change the direction of a moving object

1.4. Change the shape or size of an object

2. Pressure

2.1. A Force acting on an area

2.2. Pressure=Force/Area

2.3. S.I. unit for pressure is Pascal(Pa) or N/m2

3. Force

3.1. A Push or a Pull

3.2. S.I. unit for force is Newton(N)

3.3. Common Forces are Gravitational Force Magnetic Force Friction

3.4. Can be measured by a force-meter eg.An extension spring balance A compression spring balance

4. Kinds of forces

4.1. Gravitational Force

4.1.1. Gravitational Force is a force that pulls objects towards the Earth

4.1.2. It causes objects to have weight

4.1.3. The stronger the gravitational pull, the greater the weight of an object.

4.1.4. Weight=Mass*Gravitational Force

4.1.5. Gravitational Force of the Earth is 10N/kg.

4.2. Magnetic Force

4.2.1. Force between magnets.

4.2.2. Have two different poles North(S) & South(S).

4.2.3. Like poles repel & Unlike poles attract.

4.3. Frictional Force

4.3.1. A Force that exists when two objects are in contact.

4.3.2. Friction slows down the motion of object.

4.3.3. Ball bearings, wheels & applying lubricant helps reduce friction.

4.3.4. Friction can be a nuisance. Eg. It causes wear-and-tear in an object or converts useful energy to heat which is unnecessary.

4.3.5. However,Friction is useful. Eg. It prevents us from falling when we walk or run.