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Identity by Mind Map: Identity

1. With Family & Friends

1.1. 'Shallow' Relationships

1.1.1. Having relationships with people that mirror my interests, beliefs and viewpoints, but stronger. Meet for lunch, coffee or drinks I talk to them about a minor interest I have, and maybe it's a deep interest they have

1.1.2. Having the chance to interact with a group of people in an informal setting, not constantly new people, nor people I share personality traits, beliefs or values. Informal playgroups with a kid (Jeff&Morgan-esque) Going to a coffee shop & knowing the regulars Unstructured Large Berman Family events (not like Passover was) Having game nights, or open house style dinners (an open guest list) Taking the boys to school, and talking to the other parents Sitting on the porch at Cherokee Av

1.2. Deep Relationship

1.2.1. Planning long-term activities

1.2.2. Provide deep social support for partner

1.2.3. Recognize & resolve conflict together

1.2.4. Try new things together, build new experiences

1.2.5. Talk about really bad things that have happened (death of a loved one)

1.2.6. Building Intimate Trust

1.2.7. Talking about Shared Values & Beliefs

1.3. Parent w/my kids

1.3.1. Financial Support

1.3.2. Email Conversations

1.3.3. Voice Calls

1.3.4. Curating DC Experience

1.4. Provide Social Support

1.4.1. I listen to others

1.4.2. I make myself available to others

1.4.3. I am thoughtful of other's feelings

1.5. Interesting

1.5.1. Having new things to add to a relationship

1.5.2. Having /presenting alternative views

1.6. Yeilding

1.6.1. I often do what others want to do

1.7. Affectionate

1.8. Autonomous

1.8.1. I do my own thing

1.9. Happy

1.10. Gentle

1.11. Sensitive

1.11.1. I make my attention available to people

1.11.2. If I feel someone is going to say something to me, I give them my attention, rather than starting a task

1.12. Theatrical

1.12.1. I will phrase things for shock impact when there is not anything amazing about what I'm saying

1.13. Tactful

1.13.1. I will try to phrase negatives as positively as I can

1.13.2. I only criticize when there is a clear path to correction or betterment

1.14. Affable

1.14.1. Me making time for people

1.14.2. Listening to people

1.14.3. Not being mean or curt with people

2. With Community

2.1. Super Creative

2.2. Share Expertise

2.3. Merit Based

2.4. Persistent

3. With Myself

3.1. Jewish

3.1.1. Making decisions that are rooted in Jewish doctrine

3.1.2. Attending Jewish meetings & events

3.1.3. Creating Jewish things

3.2. Workaholic

3.2.1. I want my personal experiences to overlap my professional development reading non-fiction Vacationing at 'tech meccas' Going to career related after-hour events

3.2.2. My insecurity activity is work 'Working' on the computer at night Checking web 'analytics'

3.3. Minimalist

3.3.1. I don't have a lot of 'stuff'

3.3.2. I don't keep things because I 'might' use them in the future

3.3.3. I know the material items that are important to me

3.4. Fashionable

3.4.1. I have fashionable clothes

3.4.2. I read fashion magazines/web sites

3.4.3. I look for new fashions and things I like

3.4.4. insecurity activity is shopping (bargain hunting)

3.5. Frugal

3.5.1. I only buy what I'm going to use right now

3.5.2. I try to run purchases through the 'analytically side' of me

3.5.3. I will wait to buy something until it is a bargin

3.5.4. I minimize impulse buys

3.6. Risk Taker

3.6.1. I want to try new things every quarter, like knitting

3.6.2. I have moved to new cities

3.6.3. Sometimes I stay in harmful situations, like Louisville

3.6.4. I'm creative, and being creative is risk taking

3.7. Openness

3.7.1. I want to try new things, like knitting, every quarter

3.7.2. I try things that other people suggest, like food (I ask servers what her favorite thing is, then I get that)

3.8. Analytically

3.8.1. I track & create relevant stats (like car prices, or iPad prices)

3.8.2. I measure myself (pedometer type, Daytum and others)

3.9. Sentimental

3.9.1. I take photos, so I'll have memories of the past

3.9.2. I keep things from my grandparents, like Butch

3.9.3. I reread journals I've written of past events

3.10. Creative

3.10.1. I take photos

3.10.2. I design / UI

3.10.3. I write / blog