Digital Media II

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Digital Media II by Mind Map: Digital Media II

1. Digital Media

1.1. Television

1.1.1. Digital Cable iO FiOS DirecTV

1.1.2. TV sets HDTV Plasma LCD

1.1.3. TV Shows Children cartoons puppets educational shows Animated adult cartoons kid cartoons Drama medical teenage cop shows investigative office neighborhood friendship love secret agents Reality singing dancing weight loss design cooking physical challenges Talk Shows current events health relationships entertainment and pop culture Comedies drama Sitcoms family adults children Soap Operas daytime drama low budget Family Entertainment Movies made-for-TV films blockbusters miniseries Music music videos music star reality shows music news News 24/7 live coverage nightly news Documentaries health animals Male programming car shows truck shows fighting shows sports shows home improvement shows Female programming home decorating sappy made-for-tv movies cooking shows talk shows makeover shows women's health cooking demonstration informational restaurants

1.2. Film

1.2.1. Animation

1.2.2. Computer Graphics

1.2.3. Special Effects

1.2.4. genres horror comedies drama documentaries chick flicks action adventure

1.3. Video Games

1.3.1. children educational

1.3.2. teens

1.3.3. adults

1.3.4. family

1.3.5. genres based off of movies/tv musicplaying guitar band kareoke violence

1.4. Radio

1.4.1. regular radio AM talk shows news shows FM music entertainment talk shows

1.4.2. Satellite Radio Sirius XM

1.4.3. Internet live streaming college radio stations podcasts

1.5. Internet

1.5.1. the media of all media World Wide Web Youtube news music social networking blogs email research movies

1.6. History

1.6.1. Binary Numbers "1" and "0"